Dec 26, 2011

A Difficult Holiday

As you can tell, I have not had a post for a while, and once again it's because life has took a turn on me and my family. Last weekend, the weekend before Christmas, my aunt passed away. I was away with one of my friends at a wedding when I got the news from my mother. I was shocked, because it came totally out of left field. So once I composed myself, I continued to push through and be happy throughout the wedding festivities, but as soon as I got in the car it was on to planning getting me with my mom's side of the family.

I was quickly on a plane with the thousands of people trying to get home for cheerful reasons.

It was hard to see my mom go through the events that took place the next three days, but I am so thankful I got to be with her as a support, especially with my dad unable to get up to the upper west coast and my husband being gone with the deployment.

We then said our tearful goodbyes and headed back to Texas {I convinced my mom to just fly back with me and accompany me on my drive home}. So we then had a quick 24 hour turn around for me to unpack, then repack, and have a half day of work, then load up the dogs and drive back to Arizona for Christmas. No worries, I am still out of breath from the whole experience.

To make the trip even more interesting we got stuck in New Mexico for an extra day due to a massive snow storm that shut down I-10. Yeah, not so fun with two dogs, an emotional mother, and one tiny hotel room. We made due with what we could and finally made it back home one hour before our annual Christmas Eve party.

Needless to say we were both emotionally and physically drained.

The party was a success, even though it was more low key than years past, and it was great to be back in the desert after a year long hiatus.

As for Christmas morning, I received a great gift, a phone call from my husband saying he was going to open the gifts we send him with us as we opened ours. It made my day, and made my mom cry {happy tears}. The dogs even got in on the action, making wrapping paper confetti.

All in all it was a good Christmas and really got back to the heart of things with the recent death in our family. It made all of us even more thankful for the time we have together and those little moments that make everything brighter.

To all of you, I hope your holidays were full of cheer, laughter and light!

Dec 11, 2011


To begin with, that blah feeling I had last week has vanished. Ok, maybe not vanish, but it has for sure gone and hide for a while. I am not sure if it's the fact I get to go back to home for Christmas, finished our holiday note, started my marathon training so my endorphins are up, the fact I got to talk to my husband for 15 minutes this week, or a combination of all of these things, I am happy.

As many of you know when deployment hits it is your job to do everything on your own. I am a smart and independent woman, and have been able to handle everything that has come my way except one thing...jars. Yep, no matter what I do and at least once a week I can't open a jar. Tonight, it was salsa while I was trying to make dinner.

I used all the tricks. That round rubber thing that helps your grip, fail. Tapping on the side of it with a knife, fail {my mom taught me that one}. As well as a few other things things that were all fails.

It has happened to me a few times before and as lame as this sounds it's been my best option. I go next door to the sweet older {late 50's/early 60's} and ask him to help me out. If that fails, and trust me I wish this was a joke, I take it to work with me and have one of the guys I work with to open for me.

Lucky for me tonight, my neighbors were home and he was able to get it open so I had a great dinner.

My goal by the end of the deployment, open any jar without help.

Dec 5, 2011


This past week I have just been in a mood. I am not sure if it's work related, family situations, Christmas coming up, or the deployment finally catching up with me, but I am just blah. Not to mention, I am struggling with myself.

Hopefully I can figure it out soon.

Nov 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

When my husband and I got married we decided to split the holidays between our families. It would be easier due to everyone living in different states. Thanksgiving was my husbands families holiday, however, this year, with some unseen events happening, we did not have that traditional family Thanksgiving so I was "alone" here in Texas.

Lucky, I have made a good support system and, from co-workers to friends, I had numerous offers to spend the day with people.

To make things easy, I just went with the person that asked me first. The evening was wonderful. We watched a football game and then we all just sat back as my friend finished preparing all of the food herself. The food was really good and I was so proud of her for doing it all on her own, she was very, very nervous it wouldn't turn out.

As for the family I was adopted into for the day, it was my friend, her husband and in-laws, her parents, brother and sister in-law, and their two little girls {one 5, the other 3}. Of course I made quick friends with the little ones, especially when they found out I could draw and color. I also warmed up to the rest of the family, and them me, quickly.

Overall, while it wasn't what I thought would happen this year, it was still nice to be in a family environment when I felt welcomed and thankful for everything I have.

I hope all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

Nov 22, 2011

Call me crazy...

...but I am officially running a half marathon at the end of March!

My friend and I were talking last night about how we needed to get to running again and, while both of us have done numerous 5Ks, we both have "run a half marathon" on our list of things to do in life. So, we looked up a get in shape and run a marathon or half marathon class and found one that starts Dec. 11.

I'm a little worried because I am out of shape. Right now I can run an eleven/twelve minute mile and, right now, I can do about 3 miles without passing out.  This training camp will have us running 15 miles a week before the half marathon.

Although it's a little daunting, I am very excited to do it. This will also help keep me busy and my mind focused on something other than deployment. Not to mention I will meet some more new people and maybe get some good friends out of it.

So here we go, starting tomorrow I am going to run 3 miles every other day just to get my body prepped for our first day Dec. 11.

Happy running!

Nov 20, 2011

Deployment Upadte

I know I have to be vague on deployment details, but I realized I have not given an update in a long time.

My husband is doing as well as he can be, minus the hit or miss communication and 10 min showers with {sometimes} not enough water. He is even starting to connect and make friends with guys in his unit, which I am very, very happy about. My husband is kind of shy, and with him being one of the youngest, making some guy friends was one of my biggest concerns. To help with the guy bonding, my husband has started a weekly football game with the guys. Not only does that help them all connect and get some much needed energy out, it also helps pass the time over there.

As for the fighting, well, we really don't talk about that too much. I don't want to hear about the malfunctioning helicopters, people getting hurt, or some missions. It helps keep my mind calm and, unless it is something major that effects my husband a lot, makes me think things are all good. Yes, I know that's not the best, to live in this dream world, but I think it helps us both because he talks about other things and I can not worry as much.

The guys are actually getting ready to mobilize and move somewhere else soon, but of course I don't know those details, and even if I did I wouldn't be able to disclose them on here.

Luckily for us, this movement does not affect his RandR. We are still unsure what the exact dates will be, but we know for sure it will be sometime closer to the start of the year. Trust me, as soon as I get a date, the count down will begin.

If I think of anything else to report on the deployment update I will post it quickly so I don't forget. Now, it's time to make some dinner and watch some more football.

Nov 13, 2011

How Are You?

I don't mean to sound, I don't know, jerkish with this post but with this whole deployment thing and people asking me "How I am"...I have gotten to the point where I am "over it."

Yes, emotionally it is hard, but that first two months of sadness and wondering how I am going to get through all of this is now gone and I have hit "survival mode" phase.

I am going through my deployment life realizing that I need to focus on the things I can control and realize I am not alone in this, have a support system, and remember that technology has made deployments so much easier, I get to hear his voice and even see him sometimes.

Apparently, even with me finding my deployment skin and sharing my thoughts people are still overly concerned and don't {really} believe me when I say I am doing ok. I don't know how to get that message through their heads. From my mother in law to friends to co-workers, they all ask me every week how I am doing and if I'm ok.

...not going to lie, my response is about to be "I was ok until you asked me this for the 400th million time"...

Yes, over reaction, and I need to realize that the people around me and in my life are going through this too in a way and are just trying to figure out how to support me. But I have hit that wall and just have to hope that they will get to a good point with all of this as well.

So for all of you out there I am doing well and if I need something/you, I will let you know and thank you for asking how I am.

Nov 8, 2011

Great Commercial

I was watching 60 min. Sunday {which deserves it's own post} and saw this commercial at the end. Not going to lie...I did almost cry and {nothing against this company but} it's a Walmart commercial.

Makes me miss my husband even more, but makes me excited for the day he comes home again.

Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I hope all of you had a safe and fun Halloween.

As for myself, I decided to make it a low key affair. My friends husband was out of town on business and she did not want to pass out candy alone {totally understandable}. So, I offered to come over make dinner and help pass out some sweet stuff to the adorable kiddos. We also watched a few movies of the not so creepy persuasion, as my friend is a scardy cat.

We had about 20 groups total, the smallest group being 2 kids, and the largest 10. The cutest costume had to be this {about} two year old girl dressed as a pink and blue caterpillar.

Oct 22, 2011

Mail from Dad

Every week I get a small envelope from my dad.

Inside is usually some new music, a little note/card for me, sometimes something for the puppies, and always some newspaper clips. In with the articles are usually some comics, here is the one from this week. It sends a great message and something I needed to read this week.

Oct 15, 2011

Selfish Saturday

I hope all of you are had a fabulous start to your weekends. As for me, it was a {much needed} lazy Saturday.

To start my day I went for a run with my husbands puppy, ok I guess now that she is one she's more of a dog than puppy, which is always entertaining because she runs me most of the time. Then I cleaned the apartment {including the refrigerator}, made a light lunch, turned on some college football, worked on a creative project {not for work, but for pleasure}, did some laundry, took the dogs to the dog park, made a home made pizza for dinner, sat on the patio, and am now catching up on blogging {both reading and writing} while watching the Detroit Tigers vs. Texas Rangers game on TV, go Rangers.

I know, it sounds like I have been way busy, but not in an obligated way. It's nice.

I also feel like everyone needs a Saturday like this once a month. Where you don't feel obligated to hang out with people, or get things checked off a list, or make you feel like the weekend flew by. To be honest, I have not had a "selfish Saturday" like this for a long time.

The one downfall to finally having one, is I had my first sad "I miss my husband/feel alone" moments. My brain just started going and started thinking about a slew of things. Once again, I think moments like this are healthy, too, and much needed, especially during deployment. It helps keep things in perspective and keeps you in an emotionally better place. Yes, that sounds a little backwards, but once again, it's the selfish Saturday and you need to let your emotions be selfish every once and a while as well, and get out like they need too.

Well it looks like the Tigers scored in the first and the Rangers are up to bat. I might just treat myself to some ice cream as the game continues. I mean, if I am having a selfish Saturday, my diet can have what it wants too...right?

Oct 10, 2011

m + w = friends

The age old question has come into my life again. Is it possible for men and women to be {just} friends?

A little background is probably good.

My best and first friend I ever remember was a boy. We were two peas in a pod and even through adolescence, girl friends and boy friends, we were still nothing more than friends/brother and sister. Unfortunately,  he passed away a few years ago so we never had to hit the patch of him meeting my husband to see if jealousy would rarer it's ugly head in either direction. Based on that relationship, I don't think it is that hard for girls and guys to be friends.

Now, for why I am writing about this now. As you have read in previous posts, I work with 35 males and only six other females {one is the older receptionist} and today at a group/staff lunch one of my male co-workers and I were laughing about an inside joke. Of course people asked what we were laughing about and we said oh inside joke from a few weeks ago when we went to see a movie.

Thus the conversation began.

I'm married {as you know} and my friend, not married, a year younger than me, and not dating anyone.

My husband trusts me, I am open with him about everyone I am friends with {including this co-worker}, and if I feel that things are getting weird, I would stop the relationship. I tried to explain these points to my other co-workers and they fought back with the "guys only really think of one thing" and a slew of other differences about boys and girls why, with those differences, they can't, not couldn't, be friends.

Right now in my life I would like to keep all the friendships I have, especially with needing a support system thanks to the deployment. My inside joke male co-worker and I have even talked about our friendship and that I will be calling the shots on how much we hang out, talk, etc. which shows a lot on his part as well.

I guess I will marinate on this a little more. Hopefully, what I think is possible is true, males and females can be friends with nothing more attached, and hopefully, I am not the only one out there that thinks so.

Oct 5, 2011


I was shocked when I got back from my evening run, turned on the news and saw that Steve Jobs, the great man of Apple, had passed away.

He was a true visionary both in the technology and creative world. One of my friends even said that he "was a wizard in a world of muggles." Yes, it's a Harry Potter reference, but so fitting for what he did. 

Another one of my friends wrote on his Facebook, "How does an entire generation deal with losing their Thomas Edison and Walt Disney at the same time?"

That, my friends, is the bigger question. I am very interested to see where we go from here. R.I.P Steve Jobs, you will be missed.

Sep 28, 2011

Fall TV

Now that "fall" is here, new TV shows, as well as some old favorites are back.

With my husband gone, it is a little weird watching some of our favorite shows alone, however, I will get over it quickly. 

Here are some of the shows I am checking out this season:
  • The Office. A classic show, and even though Michael Scott {Steve Carell} is gone, I am going to give this season a chance.
  • Gossip Girl. Yeah, yeah, yeah, roll your eyes all you want. It is my "dirty pleasure" show. I read the books and have watched it since the first episode came out when I was in college. I have been told I have the personality of Serna and am a fashion mix of both Blair and S, which I take as a complement.
  • Psych. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend you do. It is very witty and the characters are all very dynamic.
  • Dexter. This ones a little dark, it's about a serial killer. However, the story is amazing and the acting supurb. This show actually has my favorite season of a show ever {season 4}...never saw it coming and even by me saying that there is a twist, you would never guess it.
  • Parent hood. When I first saw the show it was at a friends house and I never expected to get hooked. It's about a family of four {grown up} siblings and their family dramas. From the adult cast to the younger actors, it is just a good steady show that you just want the best for everyone.
  • How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. Just two great comedies! You can just sit back, enjoy the shows. Not to mention some of the characters remind me of some of my friends, which makes it even better.
I am sure there are more shows I will check out, like the Playboy Club, Pan Am, the New Girl or any of the other new shows that come out in the next month, but who knows if any will stick. As for my husband missing some of his favorites, I am being a good wife and DVRing the seasons.

Now, time to get back to my scheduled programing.

Sep 17, 2011

Power of Friendship

I got a phone call a few days ago from one of my college buddies, who after graduation, got a job in New York City. Turned out she was coming into Dallas for work function, had some free time, and wanted to get together. I was thrilled!

She was that friend who whenever you would go out with her you had a blast and could get into a little trouble with. Not only that, she has this great spirit about her and is one smart cookie.

Anyway, we had a long lunch today and it was exactly what I needed.

Someone who has known me since my freshman year in college, before my husband and I ever met. That was with me through some hard times and extremely happy moments. Someone who can read me, and is not afraid to call me out when they know something is up. Someone who will be completely honest with me, and never judge.

I bring this up because she asked me how I was really doing with everything going on in my life. From the move to the new job, from making friends to my Army life. To avoid her "calling me out" I told her that I am struggling a little bit with all of those things.

Work is now at it's slowest point since the sports season is ending so it is making me realize that my nights are lonely and I don't have my husband to talk to. Then that lead to my friends. Yes, I have made a few really good ones, but because my job was so demanding for six months I did not really have time to go explore, join groups, or branch out to make new friends. While I can now, I explained that it's hard and I am still trying to find a support system here and people like her and our other friends where it was just an "easy" friendship where things just clicked.

I also told her that I am starting to think about things that might happen throughout this year of deployment. I am nervous that my husband and I will be at two different places when he gets back {I know there will be a transition, but I am talking about as a whole in the long run}. That I will have had a year without him and that I will have had so many experiences and grow so much that he might not like what I was without him and nervous that him coming back into my life I have made here will be to difficult on him.

This is why I love her {along with my other close friends}, she talked me through it. She let me vent it all out and asked me tough questions that needed to be asked. She made me feel ok again, and reminded me that everything happens for a reason and God would not put us through all we have already been thorough to make things like finding friends/a support system, and my husband coming back harder than it needed to be.

I feel so refreshed now and like I can make it through. A friend like her was exactly what I needed right now.

Sep 12, 2011

Two Years Ago I Said "I Do"

Two years ago today, I was laughing with my best friends in the entire world, eating mexican food and getting our hair done.

Two years ago today, I was checking flower arrangements, table place cards, and trying not to eat cupcakes.

Two years ago today, I was in the bathroom with my oldest friend as she laced me up.

Two years ago today, I was making my mother, and four other close friends tear up as I walked out in white lace and my grandmothers pearls.

Two years ago today, I took a deep breath as we lined up in the hallway of the country club.

Two years ago today, I was walking down the aisle, holding my dads hand, watching my soon-to-be husbands face light up as he saw me in my wedding dress for the first time.

Two years ago today, I was saying my vows in front of close family and friends.

Two years ago today, I was having my first kiss as a newly wed.

Two years ago today, I had my first dance, had cheers, ate a delicious meal, cut the cake, and partied like like there was no tomorrow.

But most importantly...

...Two years ago today, I was marrying my best friend and the love of my live, changing my life for the better.

Two years ago, I said "I Do."

Sep 6, 2011

First Gift

So I finally figured out what to send my husband to start of his deployment, a journal.

Now, I know what you are thinking, a journal, really? Well I think it's a little more special than that, more cleaver too. Here is what I did:

  • I picked out a rustic journal that had as many pages as I could possibly find.
  • Then, I brought it home, pulled out my pens/markers/pencils, put photo paper in the printer, powered up my computer, and got to work.
  • I found quotes, stories, special dates, picture of us, the family and his friends and compiled them all together, and printed out the photos.
  • Once I had more than enough, I start picking random pages and designed/wrote a quote or put a story and had some form of artwork on the page. Either a photo, cool looking text I created or a little drawing.
I am hoping that as he writes in it all of those things bring a smile to his face. Also, I hope the journal and the little messages throughout remind him that there are many people out there in the world thinking about him, praying for him, caring for him, and ready for him to come home safely.

It has been mailed out and I can't wait for his reaction!

Aug 31, 2011

Fill In

Wow, it has been a long time since I have blogged and there has been so much going on, as well as so many emotions.

To start with I am fully back at work and have the go-ahead to start working out {moderately} next week. The puppies will be happy with this fact because they will start getting a real workout again too. Now back to work, things are starting slow down and I am getting antsier by the day. With this slow down, relationships are starting to go into friendships and we are actually hanging out with one another outside of our building.

As for my husband, I saw him for the last time this last weekend. It was hard at the going away ceremony but for me it was harder to see everyone else, especially the kids spend those last moments with their mom or dad.

We were lucky enough to get to spend the evening together, dogs included. We just cuddled, watched movies and tried to get time to slow down. I would love to go into more details, but honestly, it is just a big blur. I do know that I cried a lot on my way home and these last few days I have been trying to stay as busy as possible and settle into the newest norm...little to no contact and never knowing when I am going to get it.

I do look on the bright side, this time next year he will be home.

Aug 22, 2011

Summer to Fall

Tomorrow I head back to work after a full weeks rest/recovery. I am doing much better, although I still have some pain and discomfort. Part of that is due to the fact my mother is home and I have had to take care of the puppies on my own so I am moving around a lot more.

Part of this movement included doing laundry and in the process it got me to thinking about my wardrobe.

Though Texas doesn't really follow the "traditional seasons" August and the other summer months are almost over so I need to start thinking about fall. Time for a change in clothing color and time to bring out the boots. This has also got me thinking I should go through my entire closet.

A lot of my clothing is stuff I still had when I was in college and is very on the worn out, plus I have lost some weight so a lot of things don't fit right. I will, of course, donate all the clothing and shoes I can and the rest maybe use as rags or make some homemade puppy toys.

After I go through things, this means I have to fill some wardrobe holes. Yay shopping!

I wont go totally crazy, already have a plan. For every three shirts I give away/get rid of, I can get a new one. For every two pants/skirts/shorts/bottom halves, I can get something new. As for dresses every three, I can get a new one. Shoes are trickier. I just need to make sure I replace the ones that I get rid of that are really worn out. An example of this, my black heals that I have had since my freshman year of college are totally done so I will get a new pair of black heals.

I am also going to focus my shopping on the Texas fall season. Yes, things like shorts and skirts will be on sale since the stores are trying to make room for the new merchandise, but it would be a waste of money because they don't fit into the autumn.

Hopefully I can get this done next weekend when I am back to my full self and have some new outfits for work and who knows, I might have to go get my hair cut to help finish the look.

Aug 19, 2011

Happy Surprise

So I have been home from the hospital for a few days now and am finally of my pain meds enough to get some restful things done, like blog.

A quick blog for now, but around 1 p.m. I had a knock on the door of my apartment. The dogs went nuts and my mom was finally getting a shower. I hobbled my way to the door and when I opened it, there was a guy with flowers in his hands. Not expecting anything, I told him thank you, brought the flowers inside, and shut the door.

I grabbed the card and for an even better surprise, the flowers were from my boss and my co-workers. It brought a huge smile on my face and made me feel even better.

Aug 14, 2011

Busy Busy

This last week has flown by because it has been jammed pack with work and getting ready for my surgery. Not to mention, my parents {on the way to their vacation} called me up and asked to go out to dinner because they had a very long lay over.

I have a few more things to finish up at work so I am going to head in this afternoon, then I have a half day Monday, then off to pick up my mom from the airpot and get ready for surgery.

She is going to stay with me for my "week of rest" to help me take care of the puppies and make sure I can get back on my feet. One thing I am excited about with all of this, is that I will be able to relax a little bit. I can catch up on my blogging, watch some TV shows that have been DVRed for way to long, and get some nice home cooked meals.

Aug 8, 2011

A Smile to Wrap Up the Day

After the day I had today — lots of stuff put on my last minute at work, forgetting something that is near and dear to my heart, and dealing with the emotions of deployment — this just made me smile.

Aug 6, 2011

Key Caller

About three days ago I received a phone call from my husbands units FRG leader. She said she heard I was willing to help and asked if I would be a key caller on the phone tree. I said I would, I mean I was looking for a way to stay in the loop and be there for the other women go through the deployment, and this was it.

I had a conference call with her and the other key callers, and lets just say I found it entertaining in many ways. The biggest is the fact these other women are excited to get volunteer hours, enough to win a service award from the Army. They talked about how to get it for about 10 minutes.

For me that's not what I signed up for.

I don't care if I am on the phone for 500 hrs. in a month, as long as I am there when people need me and I can get the correct information out, that's all that matters. I also learned that a lot of the ladies in the unit are alreay tiered of my units FRG and what they stand for. Yes, I expected there to be some hostility from the stories I heard about from the last deployment, but now it sounds like they are trying to give support to ladies that need it in different ways other than constant.

Finally, since I am "officially" apart of the FRG many of the women have started asking me to be friends on Facebook. I have excepted but think I am going to have to change some settings. After two days of their status' it's getting tiering for me too.

Oh well, I figured there would be these type of things but really I just wanted to feel connected and be there for people when I could. Phone tree calling starts within the next week so I will let you know how it goes.

Aug 1, 2011

Car Cookies

We got into an interesting conversation this morning at work in regards to weather. Being an Arizona girl all the guys on my side of the office wanted to know if I have ever cooked an egg on a sidewalk/pavement. The answer, yes, yes I have, and believe or not it works, fast.

This lead to a bunch of questions about what other things I tried while growing up. I named a few things off and randomly said, "never tried baking cookies though." Oh me and my big mouth.

All of a sudden they guys took out their phones and started looking up how hot it was supposed to be today, the answer 109. Then one of them decided, on his lunch break to go home quick, grab a cookie sheet, go buy a roll of cookie dough and try making cookies by the time we left this afternoon. The key to this, they had to be edible.

At 4:40 p.m. he walks in with a plate full of cookies and, since I was the one that brought it up, got to try one first.

Guess what?


It was an awesome experiment, and since they turned out so well they are already throwing out other ideas...oh boy.

Jul 24, 2011


My best friend here in Dallas, also a co-worker, pulled me aside yesterday {I know it was a Saturday but working in sports is a whole new animal} and told me some shocking news.

She has been having some issues trying to get pregnant and went to a specialist about a week ago. Yesterday her doctor called with the results...she can't have children.

I had no idea how to react or what to say, I was speechless. I just grabbed her and gave her a big hug, during that moment she broke down in tears.

We talked for about 30 min and then I told her she needed to go home and be with her husband. This is a huge thing and being around our 40 male co-workers at this moment was not a good idea. Plus, she needed to just be sad and be with her best friend who is going through it with her, only in the male way.

After she left I sat and thought about my husband and myself, especially with my health issues, this could be our reality in a few years too. Yes, there are other options, but as women we are programed with the motherly, carry your own, instinct. It makes me catch my breath every time I think about it.

No matter what they decide to do, I will be there for her every step of the way, even if I don't know exactly what to say.

Jul 18, 2011


A few weeks before my husband left we decided to do a "love" photo session with a photographer I know down here in Dallas.

The reason for this was two fold:

  1. Because we got married in a month and a half so my husband could make it to training on time, we never had an official engagement portrait session.
  2. With him {at that point} getting ready for deployment, we wanted to have photos of us and our little furry friends so we have moments to remember and he could take us with him.
She was great and the photos turned out amazing too. Unfortunately, I got the photos today and my husband is already gone. No worries though I have already put them on a flash drive to mail out and put photos with quotes and memories in a journal to send over to him as well.

I hope he enjoys them as much as I do!

Jul 17, 2011


I was so lucky this past week to have two of my flight school wife friends, one of which is the same unit as my husband and I, visit me in Dallas.

It was great being able to talk to people again that knew about the Army life culture and even have someone going through all this deployment stuff with me. We literally talked about everything under the sun.

This also included the FRG for our unit and the other wives. Yes, I know that FRG's can be a little "high school" and clicky and it turns out this has already begun, and I am already being gossiped about. To start with, being an Officers wife in a unit full of Warrant Officers, Sargent's, and lower ranks {etc.}. I was asked to help head up the FRG for our company. I turned it down because, since I am living in Texas and all the other families are in Kansas, I did not think I could do it justice and be there for everyone like I would like to or  expected to be, but I would still help out in any way I could. Turns out, the ladies in the unit did not respect my choice, and my friend told me that the woman were saying that I was not "living up to an Officers wife standard." Really ladies?!?

Next, my friend mentioned that a lot of the women, then brought up the fact, that I am not doing my job as a wife and Army wife in general. The reason, because I am in Texas while my husband serves Kansas and I am not around his family/his life/fill in whatever you want here. Really ladies?!?

There were a few other things thrown in there too, but I was just so shocked with the first two comments that I kind of zoned out the others.

I told my friend thank you for telling me, and she even told me she had my back and was getting ostracized herself for having it, but did not care because the way these woman were acting was childish and not setting the standard of what we as military spouses stood for - respect, class, and being roll models.

Could not agree more.

As for me and how I am going to handle it...that's the tricky part. I have a feeling the women will put on their fake smiles and put on a show when ever we are in the same room, but as soon as I walk out start talking again. I will treat them with respect and remind them {if I do catch them, or hear them talking disrespectfully}, that my husband and I are doing what is right and the best choices for us and if that means I am able to be around people who care about me, have my back, with a job that I love enough to help ease that pain of deployment time so be it. Not to mention, that even though I am hundreds of miles away from the unit and FRG, that if any of them needed me I would be there in a heart beat, because after all, we are going through this together.

Sorry for the little rant, but it just blows me away that these woman have judged me without even meeting me/getting to know me. I also have a feeling this will make the deployment harder on me because I doubt a lot of them will fill me in on the going ons or really want to support me all the way down here.

Yes, this is me throwing out some judgement of my own but I already feel alone and to hear this is already happening makes me feel even more removed. However, {now that I got my feelings out} I am going to be myself, be respectful, and not let this information taint my relationships with these fellow Army Guard wives until I actually have the chance to meet them face to face.

Jul 9, 2011

The Results

So I had my tests and doctors appointment and the verdict is in. I have to get surgery.....again.

At 25, this will be the third time I go in to get a endometrial polyp removed from my left ovary. Usually, these polyps show up in older women and when I got my first one {I was just 22} my doctor was shocked. It takes a toll on my body in ways I couldn't imagine.

It makes me incredibly tiered, to the point where if I sleep 12 hours I still feel like I did not get any sleep. You can also tell how tiered I am on my face, doesn't matter how much make-up I wear, just exhausted. I am also in constant pain on my left side. So much so that I will randomly tear up and want to curl up in the fetal position, cramps have nothing on this, trust me. Another big one {that no one notices but me} is the change in my cycle. I go from normal once a month for about a week, to two or three times, sometimes lasting 13 days. There are more things going on, but those are the big ones. My doctor says these are "normal" things but I hate them all the same.

The worse part about this is even the guys I work with have noticed these changes, and that's saying something.

Now back to the surgery part of things. Like I said earlier, I have had this same surgery before, but my doctor and I are getting to the point where, if it shows up again, we will have to take more drastic measures. It scares me. Plus with my husband being in the start of deployment, if my polyp does come back I don't even want to deal with those options.

They include partial or full hysterectomy, and more drastic measures. At some point my husband and I want to start having children and I don't want to imagine us not being able to have our own. Sigh. I am jumping a head yes, but as a woman even the maybe of it means a whole lot.

As for my husband in all of this. I was able to let him know the verdict, but of course he will not be here. This is weird because he was with me when I had my last two, the first one we were not even engaged yet. I know he will be there in spirit, and my mom is already planning her trip/care giver visit, but it's still going to a little awkward with out him there.

Guess I will get used to not having him there/a phone call away soon enough.

Well, the puppies are looking at me impatiently, so I guess I should take them for our morning run. I will keep you posted on this matter as time gets closer.

Enjoy your weekend!

Jul 4, 2011

...Happy 4th...

I hope all of you are having a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

Me, well, it could have been better.

Yes, I did get to see fireworks, much in part to my amazing job working with a sports team, but other than that not so happy.

This morning, mu husband left to go back up with his unit. They start Deployment Mobilization tomorrow morning. Let me tell you, this gave me a whole new perspective on Independence day. It also hit me that this was the last morning I got to wake up with him, it was the last time he would be in our home, and it was the last time he would be with the puppies {until his two weeks R&R}. I was a mess after we lunch and we said goodbye, however I sucked it up and was able to head to work.

I held it together until the end of the game and they did a tribute to all the military {past and present} as well as the loved ones of those who served...I broke down. Lucky for me, the female mascot, who I am friends with, was there to hug me until I was ok.

Then, after a lovely fireworks show, I headed home and am here now...just me and the puppies. Annie looked for my husband and went crying around the apartment looking for him. As for my dog, he has just been by my side since I walked in the door. He sense it, or saw the tears rolling down my face when I walked in the door.

I'm sure it gets easier with time, but for now, knowing he wont be coming home in a few weeks for a visit is really hard.

My apologizes if I made your holiday a little glum, but it's just the way mine went.

Jun 26, 2011

Not So Good

I am not going to divulge into to much information now, but a few years ago I got pretty sick and apparently it's back again. I found out a few days after fathers day and have just been going through the motions of life right now trying to push it to the back of my mind.

Yes, that is not the best/smartest thing to do but it's what I needed to do at the time. I was lucky enough to talk to my husband about everything and it turns out he is able to be here with me when I go through my next round of tests and "next step" talk.

How is that possible, well he gets one more week for his what his guard unit likes to call "your final family week" before they start deployment mobilization. The timing of the overall process stinks, but luckily my mother is able to fly out here and help out if need be.

Once I know results and what has to happen next I will let you know. For now, just need some good thoughts and prayers headed in my general direction.

Thank you all.

Jun 19, 2011

This One's For You Dad

My dad and I never had the best father/daughter relationship in the world, but no matter what, I thank and love him for helping me become the woman I am today.

Me and my dad
Thanks dad and happy father's day!

Jun 15, 2011

1st Birthday

Based on vet records, today is Antoinette's first birthday. It it hard to imagine when we got her last August, how fast she would grow.

To celebrate, we went to the dog park after I got home from work. Annie then got her own can of wet dog food and then she got a gift from me and my husband {I put it on Skype when she 'opened' it so he could see}. A stuffed goose from PetsMart.

She LOVES it!

So tonight, have a special treat in honor of our sweet and lovable puppy Antoinette.

Jun 13, 2011

A Lot of Nothing

It's been one of those weeks where nothing really spectacular has happened and there is nothing really to report. Yes, it's nice, but at the same time I do like a little excitement in my life. Oh well, maybe this week will bring something new and interesting to make up for the last one.

Jun 6, 2011

Out of Shape

So remember many posts ago where I was turning over a new leaf and making myself be productive...well, I have been failing at my goal.

How do I know this, there are many answers to that question, but today it finally sunk in. I got home from work around 6:15 p.m. and my husbands puppy {who is now almost a year} Annie, was running around the apartment, Todd {my dog} and I did not know what to do with her. Then I asked myself, when was the last time I took her for a run...

...that was the look I had on my face, blank. I looked at her and said, "Ok pup, let me get changed and lets do this." Her tail started going crazy and she patiently, ok not so patiently waited for me. We ended up running a little over a mile and, oh. my. goodness. I am so out of shape it's not even funny, and let me tell you, it was a good thing that Annie was too.

After a BIG glass of water and a long shower, I sat down, got out my planner {which I have been sadly neglecting} and started writing down my schedule. Not only work, special days, and generic stuff, but a work out schedule and project goals. This is going to help me stay out of my own head when my husband officially has his boots on the ground with his deployment. I mean, if I can get into a good routine now, I should {should being the operative word} be able to keep it up in the long run.

Good thing I have my two furry friends to remind me of the working out part, and to bad it is now summer in Texas. Ha!

Jun 3, 2011

Happy Friday

All I have to say is TGIF.

As for me and my weekend, well I am going to do a few key things:

  1. Take the dogs to the dog park in our apartment complex.
  2. Clean the apartment. Including to but not limited to, vacuuming, laundry, cleaning out the refrigerator, and organizing my desk.
  3. Lay out by the pool while hanging with good {new} friends.
  4. Sleep in.
Hope you all have a good weekend too.

May 26, 2011


My husband called me yesterday and said he got his pre-deployment check's starting to get hard when I think about it. That's when my brain started going, think about everything I wanted to do to help him, as well a little surprises for pre and actual deployment.

Then it hit me, I have not idea where to even start and this is where you guys come in.

What ideas do you have for deployment gifts/surprises? They can be something to give him before he leaves or little things to work on and send while his is actually deployed.

I helped on of my Army wife friends at flight school with a scrapbook, but that is a little "traditional" in my book. I also, have no idea where to start, or even start looking.

So, I thank you in advance for all your help and I will for sure keep you posted on whatever projects I do.

May 21, 2011

Exciting News

Last night I got a phone call from my best friend of the age of 7...SHE GOT ENGAGED!

I am so excited for her. She has been through so much in her life that to hear her that happy again almost brought tears to my eyes. Plus, her now fiance is the perfect match for her.

Ahhh. I just can't contain myself.

Now, for the fun part of helping her plan and do whatever she needs. The only thing I am dreading is her putting me in a pink dress, but she is the bride and I would do anything for her, even that.

May 15, 2011

Are You Freaking Kidding Me?!?

I know, I know, I have been a very bad blogger and have so much to fill you in on still. Work is so crazy I have hardly had time to play with the puppies or go grocery shopping.

Anyway, this happened today while at work with one of my co-workers. As I think I have mentioned before, I work with a bunch of guys and only 5 other females. Of course, I have one female co-worker that did not like me right from the get go because I clicked with everyone and she did not feel like she was the alpha she dog any more.

Well today, some of the guys were asking how my husband was doing back in Kansas getting ready for deployment. Before I could even get a full sentence out, she says, "Your husband is in the guard, it's not like he is full time army so it's not like it's that big of a deal."

I wanted to punch her in the face.

Yes, he is not active duty but that doesn't mean that he still has to do typical Army things, and go through the same things throughout a deployment. I had to try to explain, that the big difference between the two is that we don't have to move every two years, and that my husband gets to have another job when not doing military things.

She just shrugged it off and went on her merry way. The guys in the office with me did not know how to react. After a few more seconds they both looked at me and said that my husband was just as Army as anyone else and that it's probably harder from him and myself, because we have to live a "civilian" life and military one all at the same time.

While it was nice of them to say that I was still upset and the only thought still going through my head was, "Are you freaking kidding me?!?"

May 11, 2011

Here We Go {again}

Well, these past two weeks went WAY to fast.

On Friday, when I got done with work (at 10 p.m.) my husband and I drove the 8 hours back to Kansas so he could get ready for his RNL progression and then deployment. I then left, Sunday morning, less than 24 hours later.

Right now we are unsure when we are going to see each other again, but we know for sure we will get at least one more long week before he heads out to Ft. Hood for his "official" deployment departure.

I would say these separations are getting easier but they're not.

Promise to fill you in on all of our adventures now that things have calmed down a little bit.

May 6, 2011

May 6

Love this photo from Life Magazine.

Today is a special day, Military Spouse Day.

So to all of you fellow military wives, husbands, and/or significant others, thank you for being strong and supportive to your soldiers and each other.

Happy Military Spouse Day!

May 4, 2011

A Little Romance

This is what I came home to yesterday after work, a candle light, romantic dinner for two.

I was told to just sit down and relax, while my husband took care of everything. He started by pulling out my chair, opened and poured me a glass of champagne, and ran off to the kitchen to serve the first course.

He came out with freshly backed bread and caesar salad. The kicker with this, is that he even made the dressing himself...I was blown away, not to mention it was really yummy.

After that, he took the dishes, actually put them into the dishwasher, then starting serving up the main course. He made four cheese, two meat, lasagna with a side of green beans. This is making me hungry just thinking about it again. Once again, it was really really good. I could also tell he was nervous about how I perceived the evening and his cooking, but I told him a few times that everything was amazing.

To end the dinner, he made white chocolate covered strawberries and cheesecake. Not to mention we almost finished off that entire bottle of champagne.

Once again, he cleaned everything up while I just relaxed on the couch with the puppies. 

We then cuddled together and played with the puppies some. It was something I needed, and for one night, made the fact he leaves again on Friday disappear. Not to mention, it just gives me another, of many already there reasons, to love him more.

Apr 29, 2011

Flight School Graduation

So I finally have time to fill you in on graduation that took place last week.

To start with I left around my lunch time from work, dealt with a horribly rude airport security guy, meet up with my parents at the gate, and got to Ft. Rucker around 7p.m. As soon as my parents and I got there we meet up with my husband his "littlest" brother and parents for dinner at my favorite pizza place Mellow Mushroom.

Next, to all of our surprise we found out that my husbands friend helped plan an evening in the Blackhawk simulator. It was so awesome!!! I helped him study and learn so much about the thing that it was great to give it a try myself. I was so shocked that I understood everything that he was telling me to do and I actually hovered and landed on a slope. Yes, I am now an official pilots wife nerd.

I was exhausted by the time I got back to the townhouse but realized quickly that there was still a lot of packing left to do there. It was all of that little stuff that you really don't want to pack, but rather throw into the car.

The next morning was the graduation, YAY! It was so cool seeing my husband with the rest of his class finally get their wings. They have gone through so much, it's just an amazing moment. It was also great to see his first IP (instructor pilot) and some of his other buddies come out for it too. I also got to pin the wings on, and lucky for everyone involved, I did not make him bleed.

We then, well just the me and him, went to a lunch that was for the wives/biggest supporter of the aviators. It was so sweet, we got our own "Gradu-MATE" certificate and our own set of wings. Mine was in the form of a necklace, while others got an actual little pin.

The graduation day ended with a big barbecue at the cabin my parents rented at the lake on Ft. Rucker. Great food, great friends, and a great way to end the day.

To wrap up the trip we finished packing the U-hal and headed to Montgomery so I could get on the earliest flight out so I could get back to work.

Once again, it was a whirlwind  of a trip but I am so very proud of my husband. Everything he went through at Ft. Rucker and with flight school, and for him finally getting his wings.

Apr 26, 2011

Feels Like Home

As you know from the last post we are back in Texas and ever since I landed at DFW life has been way crazy and, believe it or not, this is the first time I have turned on my computer since the last post to say I was safe.

Right now we are finishing unpacking (his things and the last minute random furniture) and this place finally feels like home. While having everything in it's place might have something to do with it, the main reason it feels like home is because our little family is all together for two whole weeks.

Promise to actually put photos of graduation and have more posts now that things are settled...for the time being.

Apr 22, 2011

So Tired.

Well, I made it back from my husbands graduation in one piece this morning. I then proceeded to go to work and he finally arrived in Dallas after a long 12 hrs. on the road.

I am uploading photos now and will put a full post of flight school graduation events soon. For now, we are going to get some dinner, sit on the patio, and probably go to sleep in an hour.

Happy Good Friday!

Apr 16, 2011

Brownies, Dresses, and Cleaning Up

This morning I woke up happy and a little stressed. Why? Because this time next week, my husband and his puppy will be here with me and my dog. So excited!

There is a lot to do to get the apartment ready as well as get me and Todd (my dog) packed for our trip back to Ft. Rucker. Not to mention, I am actually going to a get together with one of my new work friends and her husband tonight and I offered to make brownies since they are making dinner.

Right now the brownies are in the oven, and other than making those and going to the store this morning to make sure I had food for the beginning of the week and when I get back from Alabama, nothing is done.

Well, that's not totally true, I did make a list, ha.

This afternoon before I leave for dinner I am rummaging through my closet to figure out what to wear to the graduation ceremony. I have a feeling I am going to pack a few options and not make up my mind until the morning of. I also having a feeling I am going to have to buy new shoes (darn) to go with what ever options I have. A lot of my heals are warn out and I want to make sure I looked polished next to my new pilot of a husband. As soon as I figure it out I will post a picture of my final look.

Not only do I have to pack my stuff, I have to get Todd ready too. One of my buddies from Dallas offered, with out me even having to ask or say anything, to watch him for the few days. Yes, he is small enough to ride in the plane with me, it's such a quick trip it wouldn't really be worth it.

Finally, I am going to clean the entire apartment as well as rearrange things so when my husband gets here we can easily just put everything in it's place instead of having a huge pile in the living room we would just have to move later.

Well, looks like the brownies are done, now off to my closet. Happy Saturday!

Apr 11, 2011

No words, but prayers

I follow a blog called the {mis}adventures of an army wife and I am shocked about what I have just read but am so happy, relieved, that things are "ok."

Jessica, the author of the blog wrote a her final goodbye. Her life as a military spouse, her dreams, just everything in her life hit rock bottom and the only way she thought things could get better was by taking her own life.

Luckily, like I mentioned earlier, she was found before anything could really happen thanks to the military spouse blogging community. People who read her sad, sad story and called the MPs where her, now, ex-husband is stationed and they found her. I do not know more details other than she was found alive, but that to me that is a victory within itself.

The fact no one who commented at the beginning knows her but was willing to help make sure she was still alive and do anything they could was amazing. It proves what a strong community we, as military spouses, are and that there is always someone there to listen and help/be there in any way.

Jessica my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Oh Brother {in law}

With graduation about a week away, I have been speaking with my in-laws figuring out the details.

So far the planning is going well, they are getting a hotel instead of staying with us, we have a plan for the grad party at the lake, and even figured out family day and the simulators. However, there is one detail I am not so happy with.

My husband is the oldest of three boys, the youngest one (15) is coming to graduation, the middle one (20) is not. He said he couldn't get off of work and wants to spend time with his girlfriend. I can understand work, especially with the fact the graduation date changed a few times, but the girlfriend thing...that's my issue. There was another moment this kind of thing happened, over Christmas time, where his gf came down with him when we all visited their grandparents and he kind of blew the moments he had with his brother away to cater to her, and I promise I am not blowing that out of proportion.

Yes, I remember those moments with the boyfriend where I wanted to blow things off for them, but I always remembered that my family is blood and this situation is a little different. I also think his girlfriend is a very nice girl, but he was the best man in our wedding and he hardly gets anytime with his big brother.

My husband says it's not a big deal and it doesn't really matter but I am just worried, with his deployment coming up, I am afraid that they are going to drift even further apart. I guess I can't really do anything but be honest with both of them about how I feel if they ask.

Apr 9, 2011


Great news everyone, my husband passed his final check ride this week and he is officially done with flight school. This also means, in about a week and a half I get to head back down to Ft. Rucker and pin his wings on during his classes graduation ceremony.

I am so proud of him and so happy this phase of life is now over.

Apr 1, 2011

Takes a Toll

Last night I was invited to this wonderful dinner at a very nice steakhouse for work. When it was over I checked my phone and saw on one of my "flight school wives" friends called me three times. I knew then something was wrong. Many thoughts when through my mind, the majority of them being something must have happened to her fiance during training.

Well I was right about one thing, it did deal with her fiance, or should I say ex-fiance. That's right, he broke off their engagement and their wedding, which was supposed to this July.

I was at a loss for words. I wanted to be there for her, hug her, cry with her, just be there....

Turns out he "wanted to live the single flight school/military warrant officer guy life" so he could party with his buddies and not have to worry about or be stressed by her just being at home all day with nothing to do and then have to only do things with her when he got home. The kicker, he said that he still wants to merry her someday. Can you say stupid? I can. It is true that flight school and the military life can take a toll on relationships but I never thought something like this could happen so early on in someones carrier.

I also think about, once again, how strong we guard (and all military) wives have to be and what military couples have to go through. My husband and I have already been through much in less than two years of marriage, all due to the guard life, and realize that moments like flight school are nothing compared to what we have coming up, like his deployment.

So I guess this breakup my friend just went through could be a blessing in disguise. If this life already took a toll on them this much their chances aren't good for handling future military endeavors. She also did not have a very good support system either, which makes me feel blessed for the women (military and non-military) that I have in my life to help me deal with the daily grind of being and Army wife.

Mar 29, 2011

Rainy, Daydreamy Day

It's a gloomy day in Texas, so who wants to go play on a lawn in Paris instead?

Mar 25, 2011

Like a Wave, It Hits Me.

Work has been a little crazy, and I still need to fill you in on those details a little later, but because of this some parts of my "bigger reality" have not really set in.

As you know, my husband is finishing up flight school in Alabama, while I am up here in Texas. We have been counting down the days to his graduation (27) and the fact we get to live together again before he has to leave to get ready for his guard unit to deploy is very exciting.

However, when I was talking to my boss about my days off to pin his wings on and help him move, I told him, that it just stinks that I will only get to be with him until May 1...

...that's when it hit me...

...I will only get 9 days to spend with him before he has to RNL progress (for a month) and then go with his unit to deploy. I almost cried. Yes, I should be happy I get any days at all but I did not realize that I could count my days with him on both hands.

This also puts the count of living together to a total of a little over 5 months, and yes this includes those nine days, and that's what makes it so hard. We will have been married two years in September and we haven't even gotten to spend some alone time together, we did not even get a honeymoon because he had to leave for training a few days after we said "I Do."

Now back to that office moment.

My boss realized I finally processed what I said and did not know really what to do or how to act — totally understandable. He also said that the week my husband and I have together, he would try and help get me a day of two off (remember I just started my job and don't really have any days off available). I just thanked him and we moved on.

I knew being an Army wife would be tough, and hoped that being a Guard Army wife would be a little less emotional but I guess not. Oh well, I will do what I always do, take a deep breath, remember what he is doing for me and our country's freedom, remind myself that these few years are just a blip of our life together, and love him with all of my heart.

Mar 22, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

I know I am late, since it happened two days ago on March 20, but happy first day of spring.

Mar 20, 2011

I Madness I Tell You, Madness

My husband lucked out, I LOVE SPORTS. Football, baseball, you name it I'll watch it, however my all time favorite it NCAA Basketball. I actually played basketball my self, and still play pick up games to this day.

If you are not one of those wives that get into it, that's ok, but I am sure your husband (or one of his buddies) goes crazy, yells at the TV and fills out way to many tournament brackets to count...that's actually me too. Sad, yes, but entertainment, that's for sure.

Now on to the madness that is March Madness.

Last night my bracket got rocked...a number one seed fell to an nine, and some other big games did not go my way either, aka my alma mater. Luckily, the work bracket pool is still going my way because the first round I only missed one game and all those guys I work with miss five or more. Hopefully today will go better for me as well as the rest of the tournament.

Mar 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day

Hope all of you remembered to wear your green, I know I did.

I also remembered to help spread the St. Patrick's day cheer and made cupcakes for my office mates. They were a huge success, part of that might be that of a staff of 45 only six of those are girls, so they will take any type of food. However, everyone was impressed that I made everything from scratch, and more impressively for me, by memory.

Well back to the celebrating and may the luck of the Irish be with you!

Mar 14, 2011

Spring Forward, No Thanks

I have decided I do not like this "Spring Forward" business.

Growing up in Arizona, we did not have daylight savings time at all, and even though I went to college in Kansas my roommates always changed the clocks without me realizing it because they knew I did not have a clue. Now, that they are no where to be seen and my husband isn't around to do it either, this was my first real year dealing with it.

I think it's mean. I have been so out of it today because my mind knows I was cheated out of an extra hour sleep. Yes, I will adjust but this week is going to be a rough one and to make it worse I have so much to do that needs concentration.

Oh well, guess I will go to bed a little early tonight and phase myself to the time change that way.

Mar 11, 2011

Table for One

I have decided that I hate cooking for one person. Even in college I had roommates and significant others so when I did cook it was always for at least two people. Now, it's just me and I have no passion to make something other than in the microwave.

My husband and I did, however, have a Skype dinner date where I showed him how to make enchiladas. He made it for him, his roommate, and his buddy, me on the other hand, well I just made two rolled tortillas worth. While it was great to help him learn how to make it, it just wasn't worth it for me to dirty all of the pots and pans for just me.

Hopefully, now that I am making some work friends, I will have people over so I can cook my food without giving me leftovers for a whole week.

Another thing I have noticed (that other than fast food) if I think something sounds good, like The Cheesecake Factory, going there by myself is, well...lame. I really don't want to be "that girl" when the hostess asks "How many," and I say "One." I also, don't want to be the third or fifth wheel.

My office-mate asked if I wanted to go out to dinner and a movie with him and his fiancée, and as sweet as that was because he knows that it's just me and the "hubster" is finishing up training, is not going to happen. It's hard being around other couples while my other half is not here, guess I will have to get used to it with a deployment coming up, but I have a feeling it will feel different for me. Plus, I don't want to intrude on what was going to be their date night.

Oh well, guess I will make a frozen pizza and find a movie on Netflix to watch with my four legged friend.

Mar 8, 2011

Ode to the House Wife

Now that I am back into the full swing of working, I have had time to reflect back on Alabama and what I miss and don't miss about my time there. Among the missing, is of course, my husband, his dog, the friends I made, and the fact the beach was about an hour and a half away. As for what I wont miss, the biggest thing is being a house wife.

For those of you who are, I have nothing against that path in life, but it's not for me.

I actually respect what house wives go through. You are home alone all day, run the errands, clean the house, pretty much take care of everything. For me, while I did not (or do not) mind helping out around the house I found it made me upset inside. I hated feeling alone all the time with my main communication being the dogs, and feeling like I did everything, just waiting on him hand and foot, never really feeling like I was being thanked.

It also gave me a better insight to what a lot of active duty wives go through because they move so much and they may find it easier to be a house wife.

Once again, these are just my feelings and how I felt, and once again, I TOTALLY RESPECT YOU ALL.

It takes a truly powerful woman, or guy for any of you out there, to be a house wife. You deserve more respect and thanks than you realize and I know deep down, even if they forget to tell you, your husbands appreciate the work you do, and you, a lot.

Mar 5, 2011

Hello Again!

I know, I know. It has been forever since I last posted, but I promise you I have good reasons.

Remember on my last post when I said their were big life changes happening, well they have officially happened. I have moved to Texas due to me getting a job! My husband, well he is still in Alabama finishing up his flight training. Him and his dog will move here with me and my dog after he graduates sometime in April.

As for my job, I love it! I get to do a bunch of creative work and the people I work with are amazing. I'll post more information on it later. I am also finally "settled" into our new apartment and about an hour ago, I finally got connected to the world after two weeks of living without cable or internet.

It was nice to see my husbands face again, thank you Skype. It is also nice to get back to blogging. A lot more to come soon.

Feb 14, 2011


Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. Hopefully you all get to spend some time with your loved ones.

As for the traditional Monday Meal, this weekend was full of fast food. There are big changes happening in our lives and it was easier to do quick meals, I did not even make these cupcakes. They were made by one of my friends. I will write a full post to fill everyone in on the madness in the next day or two when I finally catch my breath.

Once again, Happy Valentines!

Feb 10, 2011

Duty Stations: No Worry for Me

Yesterday, my husbands, and the one after his, Blackhawk class found out where their first duty stations are going to be. I was very excited for some of our friends because they got one of their top three choices. However, about 50% of the people did not get anything on their list.

This is one of those moments I am happy I married a National Guard guy. We knew what state and post we belonged to before my husband even graduated from college and the colleges ROTC program because the state paid for his schooling. It also makes me happy that we did not have to deal with the disappointment of not getting one of our top three duty station choices.

Hopefully, our friends will turn their moods around and realize that in two or three years they get to go somewhere else. I also hope they realize that everything happens for a reason and once they get to their new homes great things could start to happen.

Once again, I am happy I don't have to go through this emotional flight school, and general military step, but once again I feel for those that do.

Feb 9, 2011

Getting Crafty

As a graphic designer and photographer I feel that I have a very strong, and good, creative side. I guess my friends down here think so too because I have been asked to help in a little scrapbooking project. The catch to this, I have only ever scrapbooked one other time in my entire life.

So far, so good though because once we started I realized it's just like designing magazine pages, only more color and extra flair. I also realized that I like it! It lets me do something creative, while remembering fun moments I had with my husband, friends, and family. It also gives me something to do throughout my day, while my husband is on the flight line.

My friend and I should finish her scrapbook gift, for her and her husbands first wedding anniversary, by this afternoon or tomorrow. That means that this weekend I am going to go through my photos from my husband and my trip to Europe and start making my own scrapbook next week.

Hopefully, I can make something that looks good and not to girly so my husband can appreciate it too. I will keep you posted and hopefully show off some of my pages. I would also suggest trying it yourself, it can be relaxing and, as I am figuring out, some good me time.

Feb 7, 2011

Monday Meal

As you all know, the Super Bowl was last night. In honor of the game, we had a big party with a bunch of tailgate type of food, along with frosty beverages. Many of the party goers did not really care who won the game, my husband and I were another story. Jordy Nelson is a fellow K-State alumni so we had to root for him and his team, the Packers. We were very happy they pulled out the win, but disappointed in Jordy's overall play, we were wanting him to get MVP. Oh well there is always next year right?

Now back to the food. One of the things I was in charge of making was the guacamole, my mothers recipe.  It was a big hit and I feel like it's a good staple dip that anyone can make.

Quick note about the photo, it's the only one I could get because everyone had their hands in the dish.


3 Avocados, halved, seeded, and peeled
1 Lime, juiced
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/2 Red onion, diced
2 Roma tomatoes, diced
1 Clove garlic, minced
1 tablespoon cilantro

1. In a large bowl mix avocado and half of the lime juice. Mash together with a potato masher.
2. Once mashed to a almost smooth consistency, add salt, cumin, and pepper. Mix well.
3. Then add onions, tomato, cilantro, garlic, and the rest of the lime juice. Mix well.
4. Taste to see if you need to add a little bit more of anything (sometimes the lime can be over powering).
5. Let sit for 30 min. in a refrigerated area.

Feb 3, 2011

Hate the Cold

I know everyone, by now, has heard about the weather in the mid west. Well that storm front has now brought a cold front to Alabama. Yes, I know I went to school in the middle of the U.S. so I should be used to the cold, but I lived in the desert for 18 years and don't think I will ever get used to it, or like, colder weather. My mom even called me this morning to let me know that in my home town of Tucson, it was 17 degrees. Absolutely ridiculous.

Hopefully, if your unlucky like me and are stuck in a colder climate, this will help bring a little sunshine into your home and help you think of warmer times.

Feb 1, 2011

Quality vs. Quantity

Our Labor of Love Photo
While people were over for my husbands birthday this weekend, I got into a good conversation with my, best friend down here at Ft. Rucker, husband. We talked about the military community and making friends while we could move at any moment, and could live in cities that don't have a strong military community/understanding for what we go through (for us guard folks).

He started off by saying how happy he was that his wife and I were such good friends. I was a little shocked that he said that, but happy that he did. Then, he went on to say that if her and I knew each other in college that we would have been friends there too, maybe even inseparable. Once again, surprised, but happy. I also agreed with him on both of those accounts and let him know, that for us Army wives, to have a close friend in this crazy world of ours makes it so much easier.

Not to mention, the friendship and bond he and my husband have formed since going through flight school together, is also amazing. The two of them will always be there for each other and, as both guys have put it at separate times, would be there in an instant if anything ever happened.

The conversation then went to a more overall conversation about friendship. They, like me and my husband, know a lot of people, and are friendly with everyone they meet. However, we would both rather have a small group of quality friends than a million of them.

In the military, I think this type of friendship outlook is more important than ever. We need our own close and small nit group that knows us and what we have gone through, and more importantly share what we are about to go through.

I am so thankful for her for this, and many other reasons. I know, no matter where she and I go we will make other friends, even some close ones, but her and I have been through this Army ride together since the very beginning.

The conversation came to a close by him telling me that I am going to have it harder than the active duty wives because my husband and I are guard. I never thought about it until that moment, but it's true. When they leave Ft. Rucker, they will be stationed at another Army base, where they live and are emerged in the Army community. My husband and I, however, will be back in the "real world," and while we have the guard family, we will be dealing with a non-army community. The friends I make won't understand what we went through at Ft. Rucker and the challenges ahead. No, I am not saying they will not be supportive or there for me when I need them, but like my husbands friend from home said after visiting this weekend, he would never get what I went through if he had not come down.

This again makes me so happy and grateful for the quality friendships I have made, not only here at Ft. Rucker, but in life. I consider my friends my sisters and would do anything for them. I also know, that throughout the journey I have a head of me, there are more quality friendships to be made.