Mar 20, 2011

I Madness I Tell You, Madness

My husband lucked out, I LOVE SPORTS. Football, baseball, you name it I'll watch it, however my all time favorite it NCAA Basketball. I actually played basketball my self, and still play pick up games to this day.

If you are not one of those wives that get into it, that's ok, but I am sure your husband (or one of his buddies) goes crazy, yells at the TV and fills out way to many tournament brackets to count...that's actually me too. Sad, yes, but entertainment, that's for sure.

Now on to the madness that is March Madness.

Last night my bracket got rocked...a number one seed fell to an nine, and some other big games did not go my way either, aka my alma mater. Luckily, the work bracket pool is still going my way because the first round I only missed one game and all those guys I work with miss five or more. Hopefully today will go better for me as well as the rest of the tournament.

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