May 26, 2011


My husband called me yesterday and said he got his pre-deployment check's starting to get hard when I think about it. That's when my brain started going, think about everything I wanted to do to help him, as well a little surprises for pre and actual deployment.

Then it hit me, I have not idea where to even start and this is where you guys come in.

What ideas do you have for deployment gifts/surprises? They can be something to give him before he leaves or little things to work on and send while his is actually deployed.

I helped on of my Army wife friends at flight school with a scrapbook, but that is a little "traditional" in my book. I also, have no idea where to start, or even start looking.

So, I thank you in advance for all your help and I will for sure keep you posted on whatever projects I do.

May 21, 2011

Exciting News

Last night I got a phone call from my best friend of the age of 7...SHE GOT ENGAGED!

I am so excited for her. She has been through so much in her life that to hear her that happy again almost brought tears to my eyes. Plus, her now fiance is the perfect match for her.

Ahhh. I just can't contain myself.

Now, for the fun part of helping her plan and do whatever she needs. The only thing I am dreading is her putting me in a pink dress, but she is the bride and I would do anything for her, even that.

May 15, 2011

Are You Freaking Kidding Me?!?

I know, I know, I have been a very bad blogger and have so much to fill you in on still. Work is so crazy I have hardly had time to play with the puppies or go grocery shopping.

Anyway, this happened today while at work with one of my co-workers. As I think I have mentioned before, I work with a bunch of guys and only 5 other females. Of course, I have one female co-worker that did not like me right from the get go because I clicked with everyone and she did not feel like she was the alpha she dog any more.

Well today, some of the guys were asking how my husband was doing back in Kansas getting ready for deployment. Before I could even get a full sentence out, she says, "Your husband is in the guard, it's not like he is full time army so it's not like it's that big of a deal."

I wanted to punch her in the face.

Yes, he is not active duty but that doesn't mean that he still has to do typical Army things, and go through the same things throughout a deployment. I had to try to explain, that the big difference between the two is that we don't have to move every two years, and that my husband gets to have another job when not doing military things.

She just shrugged it off and went on her merry way. The guys in the office with me did not know how to react. After a few more seconds they both looked at me and said that my husband was just as Army as anyone else and that it's probably harder from him and myself, because we have to live a "civilian" life and military one all at the same time.

While it was nice of them to say that I was still upset and the only thought still going through my head was, "Are you freaking kidding me?!?"

May 11, 2011

Here We Go {again}

Well, these past two weeks went WAY to fast.

On Friday, when I got done with work (at 10 p.m.) my husband and I drove the 8 hours back to Kansas so he could get ready for his RNL progression and then deployment. I then left, Sunday morning, less than 24 hours later.

Right now we are unsure when we are going to see each other again, but we know for sure we will get at least one more long week before he heads out to Ft. Hood for his "official" deployment departure.

I would say these separations are getting easier but they're not.

Promise to fill you in on all of our adventures now that things have calmed down a little bit.

May 6, 2011

May 6

Love this photo from Life Magazine.

Today is a special day, Military Spouse Day.

So to all of you fellow military wives, husbands, and/or significant others, thank you for being strong and supportive to your soldiers and each other.

Happy Military Spouse Day!

May 4, 2011

A Little Romance

This is what I came home to yesterday after work, a candle light, romantic dinner for two.

I was told to just sit down and relax, while my husband took care of everything. He started by pulling out my chair, opened and poured me a glass of champagne, and ran off to the kitchen to serve the first course.

He came out with freshly backed bread and caesar salad. The kicker with this, is that he even made the dressing himself...I was blown away, not to mention it was really yummy.

After that, he took the dishes, actually put them into the dishwasher, then starting serving up the main course. He made four cheese, two meat, lasagna with a side of green beans. This is making me hungry just thinking about it again. Once again, it was really really good. I could also tell he was nervous about how I perceived the evening and his cooking, but I told him a few times that everything was amazing.

To end the dinner, he made white chocolate covered strawberries and cheesecake. Not to mention we almost finished off that entire bottle of champagne.

Once again, he cleaned everything up while I just relaxed on the couch with the puppies. 

We then cuddled together and played with the puppies some. It was something I needed, and for one night, made the fact he leaves again on Friday disappear. Not to mention, it just gives me another, of many already there reasons, to love him more.