Sep 30, 2010

Hello Army World

A little over a year ago I was pulling out my hair trying to finish planning my wedding, in which I only had a month to do. The reason for this craziness was simple, I was marrying the love of my life, an Army National Guard officer and the military.

After our graduation trip to Europe and an engagement in Paris, he was told that he had to start getting ready for flight school and eventually had his dates change three or four times before he finally knew what his plan was. I was thrown in to everything very quickly and was told by my then charming fiance, "Welcome to the life of an officers wife." Little did I know what I was in for. He left for Oklahoma for his first part of training while I stayed in our first apartment tending to the dog and my job.

Next, he came home for a few weeks then it was back to packing him up and me helping him load the moving truck to head down to Ft. Rucker, AL where his real fun would start. I, however, left a few weeks later to head back to my reality...all alone.

Well, I couldn't handle it for long and ended up moving down there with him to finally get more that two weeks with my new husband. Now, I am living in the Army/flight school community trying to settle into a new home, lifestyle, and mentality. 

Thus the reason for the blog. It is a way to get my feelings and emotions out while on this crazy journey that is being an Army wife and hopefully put smiles on the faces of those women that have been serving for a while or just starting their own adventures themselves.

I hope you enjoy {Guarded} MyLife as an ArmyWife.