Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I hope all of you had a safe and fun Halloween.

As for myself, I decided to make it a low key affair. My friends husband was out of town on business and she did not want to pass out candy alone {totally understandable}. So, I offered to come over make dinner and help pass out some sweet stuff to the adorable kiddos. We also watched a few movies of the not so creepy persuasion, as my friend is a scardy cat.

We had about 20 groups total, the smallest group being 2 kids, and the largest 10. The cutest costume had to be this {about} two year old girl dressed as a pink and blue caterpillar.

Oct 22, 2011

Mail from Dad

Every week I get a small envelope from my dad.

Inside is usually some new music, a little note/card for me, sometimes something for the puppies, and always some newspaper clips. In with the articles are usually some comics, here is the one from this week. It sends a great message and something I needed to read this week.

Oct 15, 2011

Selfish Saturday

I hope all of you are had a fabulous start to your weekends. As for me, it was a {much needed} lazy Saturday.

To start my day I went for a run with my husbands puppy, ok I guess now that she is one she's more of a dog than puppy, which is always entertaining because she runs me most of the time. Then I cleaned the apartment {including the refrigerator}, made a light lunch, turned on some college football, worked on a creative project {not for work, but for pleasure}, did some laundry, took the dogs to the dog park, made a home made pizza for dinner, sat on the patio, and am now catching up on blogging {both reading and writing} while watching the Detroit Tigers vs. Texas Rangers game on TV, go Rangers.

I know, it sounds like I have been way busy, but not in an obligated way. It's nice.

I also feel like everyone needs a Saturday like this once a month. Where you don't feel obligated to hang out with people, or get things checked off a list, or make you feel like the weekend flew by. To be honest, I have not had a "selfish Saturday" like this for a long time.

The one downfall to finally having one, is I had my first sad "I miss my husband/feel alone" moments. My brain just started going and started thinking about a slew of things. Once again, I think moments like this are healthy, too, and much needed, especially during deployment. It helps keep things in perspective and keeps you in an emotionally better place. Yes, that sounds a little backwards, but once again, it's the selfish Saturday and you need to let your emotions be selfish every once and a while as well, and get out like they need too.

Well it looks like the Tigers scored in the first and the Rangers are up to bat. I might just treat myself to some ice cream as the game continues. I mean, if I am having a selfish Saturday, my diet can have what it wants too...right?

Oct 10, 2011

m + w = friends

The age old question has come into my life again. Is it possible for men and women to be {just} friends?

A little background is probably good.

My best and first friend I ever remember was a boy. We were two peas in a pod and even through adolescence, girl friends and boy friends, we were still nothing more than friends/brother and sister. Unfortunately,  he passed away a few years ago so we never had to hit the patch of him meeting my husband to see if jealousy would rarer it's ugly head in either direction. Based on that relationship, I don't think it is that hard for girls and guys to be friends.

Now, for why I am writing about this now. As you have read in previous posts, I work with 35 males and only six other females {one is the older receptionist} and today at a group/staff lunch one of my male co-workers and I were laughing about an inside joke. Of course people asked what we were laughing about and we said oh inside joke from a few weeks ago when we went to see a movie.

Thus the conversation began.

I'm married {as you know} and my friend, not married, a year younger than me, and not dating anyone.

My husband trusts me, I am open with him about everyone I am friends with {including this co-worker}, and if I feel that things are getting weird, I would stop the relationship. I tried to explain these points to my other co-workers and they fought back with the "guys only really think of one thing" and a slew of other differences about boys and girls why, with those differences, they can't, not couldn't, be friends.

Right now in my life I would like to keep all the friendships I have, especially with needing a support system thanks to the deployment. My inside joke male co-worker and I have even talked about our friendship and that I will be calling the shots on how much we hang out, talk, etc. which shows a lot on his part as well.

I guess I will marinate on this a little more. Hopefully, what I think is possible is true, males and females can be friends with nothing more attached, and hopefully, I am not the only one out there that thinks so.

Oct 5, 2011


I was shocked when I got back from my evening run, turned on the news and saw that Steve Jobs, the great man of Apple, had passed away.

He was a true visionary both in the technology and creative world. One of my friends even said that he "was a wizard in a world of muggles." Yes, it's a Harry Potter reference, but so fitting for what he did. 

Another one of my friends wrote on his Facebook, "How does an entire generation deal with losing their Thomas Edison and Walt Disney at the same time?"

That, my friends, is the bigger question. I am very interested to see where we go from here. R.I.P Steve Jobs, you will be missed.