Oct 15, 2011

Selfish Saturday

I hope all of you are had a fabulous start to your weekends. As for me, it was a {much needed} lazy Saturday.

To start my day I went for a run with my husbands puppy, ok I guess now that she is one she's more of a dog than puppy, which is always entertaining because she runs me most of the time. Then I cleaned the apartment {including the refrigerator}, made a light lunch, turned on some college football, worked on a creative project {not for work, but for pleasure}, did some laundry, took the dogs to the dog park, made a home made pizza for dinner, sat on the patio, and am now catching up on blogging {both reading and writing} while watching the Detroit Tigers vs. Texas Rangers game on TV, go Rangers.

I know, it sounds like I have been way busy, but not in an obligated way. It's nice.

I also feel like everyone needs a Saturday like this once a month. Where you don't feel obligated to hang out with people, or get things checked off a list, or make you feel like the weekend flew by. To be honest, I have not had a "selfish Saturday" like this for a long time.

The one downfall to finally having one, is I had my first sad "I miss my husband/feel alone" moments. My brain just started going and started thinking about a slew of things. Once again, I think moments like this are healthy, too, and much needed, especially during deployment. It helps keep things in perspective and keeps you in an emotionally better place. Yes, that sounds a little backwards, but once again, it's the selfish Saturday and you need to let your emotions be selfish every once and a while as well, and get out like they need too.

Well it looks like the Tigers scored in the first and the Rangers are up to bat. I might just treat myself to some ice cream as the game continues. I mean, if I am having a selfish Saturday, my diet can have what it wants too...right?

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