Dec 28, 2010

On the Road Again

Well Christmas time at my parents house in Arizona came and went. Now, my husband and I are trying to pack everything up and head to Dallas to spend some time with his family. That means more gifts to pack in the car and even more great food.

However, I am at the point where I am ready to be back in my own bed with my own schedule of to-dos. Oh well, it is the holidays and I am excited to see even more people. Hopefully the car ride will be a breeze with the puppies like the first leg so I can work on editing my photos from the AZ portion of the trip and get them posted before we hit the Dallas city limits.

Dec 23, 2010

Desert Rain

So we made it to the desert and boy, did I miss it more than I thought I would.

The 26 hour car ride with the two dogs went well. There was only one little throw-up accident at about New Orleans, but other than that both dogs did AMAZING!

On our first full day the puppies got acclimated to all the nature. My husbands dog even learned that cactus are not friends. Talk about a high pitched yell. My dog, on the other hand, just sits around and watches the animals walk around the property.

As for the other two days spent here so far, we have just been relaxing. The hammock is my husbands favorite spot to study and take cat naps, while I take the porch swing and get to reading some books. We also had to help my parents decorate our Christmas tree since they were to busy to get it finished. Then we put all the gifts under the mom went a little present crazy this Christmas but we are not complaining.

The rest of our trip will consist of Christmas and Holiday parties, seeing my old friends, and spending more time resting and relaxing. And, now that our trip is getting a more busy, I will be more diligent in posting our adventures.

I almost forgot, it rained here yesterday. All those storms that hit California came our way and gave the desert a light dusting. It was so beautiful, not to mention the rain here is one of my favorite smells in the whole entire world. Everything just smells so clean and looks so green. However, those things are short lived and everything has a soft layer of desert dust on it again. Hopefully, we will get some more rain while we are here, but if not, at least I got a little bit to tied me over until we get back here again.

Dec 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well, tomorrow officially starts Christmas Exodus at Ft. Rucker, which means my husband and I can finally have a much needed vacation.

We are going back to my home town of Tucson, AZ to celebrate the holidays. That's the tradition now, Christmas with my family and Thanksgiving with his. However, since we were not able to spend Thanksgiving with my husbands family we are taking three days at the end of the Arizona trip to spend it with them in Dallas. I am excited to see everyone, but more importantly I am happy to finally be going home. I have not been back since last Christmas.

As for the dogs, they are going with us, and no we are not flying, but driving. It should be a very entertaining road trip seeing how this is the first time my husbands puppy has been in a car more than an hour or two. Oh well, at least it will make for some fun stories.

Now back to finishing the laundry, packing me, the puppies, and my husband (who has class all day today), and not to mention making lunches for the road and trying to fit everything in the SUV.

It will all be worth it though because soon I will be home and in my favorite place, the desert.

Dec 15, 2010

News to Me

I know what I got into when I married my husband, I married the Army too. However, I did not think my love hate relationship would already be starting off so strong.

It started by me planning a wedding in a month, then my husband got sent to Oklahoma for training after three weeks of living with each other. Then, he moved to Ft. Rucker to do flight school, in which I moved down too after five more months of not living together in our first year of marriage. Then, we found out his guard unit was going to be deployed in September of 2011. With this news I started mentally preparing myself that after our second anniversary he would be going off to Iraq with the rest of his buddies and would be back from deployment in eight months.

Well, that little bit of news has now been changed...and not in the good way. We just found out that the deployment is being moved up to the start of June. My husband graduates flight school at the end of April, meaning we would have about two weeks to move and spend time with each other before he left. They also changed the eight months to a year.


I know, I should expect this from the Army and I knew full well what I was getting into, but that still does not make this news any easier. I have myself prepared for September, and now it's a whole new thing to calibrate myself with. Yes, I am living with him now but with flight school I hardly see him and when I do it's all about studying and shop talk. I was actually looking forward to a few months of non-flight school living and maybe even take a our honeymoon (which we never got to take in the first place).

Guess it's time to mentally adjust and to get ready to tell people over the holidays. I just remembered...we are going to have to tell his mother.


I just have to keep telling myself that God has a plan, and even though we keep getting thrown curveballs, it will all turn out for the better. Not to mention, make us stronger.

It's Party Time

With the holidays in full swing my husband and I are attending parties and are even helping my family throw their big Christmas Eve party. To help with inspiration I have stubbled upon a great blog/Web site that gives great party ideas that are not "traditional."

The blog is called Hostess with the Mostess and has everything from holiday parties to bridal showers, birthdays to summer nights. Hope you enjoy and happy celebrating!

Dec 13, 2010

Dog Days

My husband was lucky enough to get the day off on this blustery day. So, we decided to take the puppies to the Bark Park on post. Unfortunately we were the only ones there, I'm guessing sue to the cold windy weather, but it didn't matter. Our pups were thrilled to have a huge place to run around and sniff until their little hearts were content.

It also made me reminisce about an amazing dog park that we used to go to before we were stationed at Ft. Rucker. It was 10 acres of grass, woodland areas, and it even had a beach/lake area for the dogs to play in. While the one here is not as spectacular, we have decided to make a weekly trip so the puppies can go meet new friends and have something to look forward too.

Dec 12, 2010

The Great Debate

Well since the holidays are here many of the wives down here are at Ft. Rucker are sparking a debate, ok not really a debate but how to handle a holiday greeting.

One wife, on her blog, said that it's not "Happy Holidays" but "Merry Christmas." Then she said she is a little offended that people use "Xmas" instead of "Christmas."

I'll start with the first one. I will tell people Happy Holidays if I see them on the street, at the grocery store and other places where I do not know a person. Why? It's simple, I do not know what they celebrate and it is the holiday season — Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Quanza, Christmas, and New Years. It's not just Christmas and I would like to tell people to have Happy Holidays so the cheer and the greeting goes throughout the rest of the year.

Now for the second topic at hand, Xmas vs. Christmas. I will admit, I use Xmas every once and a while, like in texts, quick emails, and some other random spots in life. I know it is not correct and it takes away the real reason we celebrate Christmas...Christ. Her argument was that by using Xmas, even in a text, that you demean the Christ himself. I could go on with this issue but I'm not. To me if that is what your worries about at this time, wither people use Xmas or Christmas, you yourself, are not focusing on what is really important it is about family, telling people the story of Christ and Christmas, and celebrating this wonderful time of year.

So to all of my readers out there HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

Dec 9, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

I meant to post yesterday, but the day was a little crazy.

To start with it was Selection Day so my husbands class got to pick their helicopters. Yes, we knew what he was going to get, Black Hawks. Since he is guard that is what they have at the unit so that's what he has to fly. Because of this fact my friend let me live vicariously through her and her husbands selection. He picked Apaches, she was happy he got what he wanted but she was not 100% thrilled.

The guys all then decided that they wanted to celebrate so later that evening we all headed down to Oscar's, a local bar, to celebrate and eat 25¢ wings.

After selection I had to take my car in. The transmission was slipping and with a road trip coming up for the holidays it needed to get fixed ASAP. Lucky for me it wasn't a huge overhaul and I got to get it back today for a little over $100.

Finally, the most exciting thing that happened here was that it snowed. Yes, IT SNOWED! It didn't really stick, but it still snowed in Southern, Alabama. My husband puppy, Annie, had no idea what to do with it and my dog just sat down in the back yard and enjoyed it. He is a husky.

Oh, I almost forgot. My husband found out he starts Black Hawks Dec. 16, the rest of his class starts Jan. 13. This means new people for us to get to know and him starting study again. I told him yesterday when I found out that he owed me one more night of freedom (last night) before the studying started again. So officially, I have lost my husband to he other love, flying, and studying for four more months.

Dec 6, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Well this weekend my husband and I finally got into the holiday spirit. We decorated the tree, hung stockings, ate Christmas cookies and, believe it or not, got all of the Christmas shopping done. He even got to open on of his gifts early.

Why was he so lucky? The puppies and I got him new Nike running shoes to help with his up coming PT test. His old shoes were disgusting and over a year old. They were hurting his feet and not helping him in his workouts. He was very surprised and excited when he opened his gift.

Now all that's left for the holidays is to celebrate with our families over Christmas exodus. It will be 26 hours in the car with the dogs. Luckily we still have a few weeks to mentally prepare ourselves for this grand adventure.

Dec 1, 2010


Well my husband is now done with the "baby helicopters," passing his BWS check ride yesterday morning. Not only does he get to start flying the BIG BOYS, Blackhawks, after the Christmas holiday's he also found out today that he is changing guard units within his state.

For some this might seem a little disconcerting seeing how he is just building relationships and is just starting out, but it is actually for the better. It is a smaller unit with less people, which means, after this deployment in August he will get to fly more as a 2LT and Captain then he would have in the other guard unit. It also means that some of the "bigger unit politics" wont be present. However, this does pose a new question for us, now what? We will be changing cities from one with friends and my husbands family to hours away. This also makes me wonder what will happen with my career.

I know these issues are months away, but it doesn't hurt to have those thoughts in the back of our minds. I also know God has a plan and it will all work out the way it's supposed too. I mean look at now, BWS is done and we are getting transferred to a healthier and more exciting guard unit.