Dec 9, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

I meant to post yesterday, but the day was a little crazy.

To start with it was Selection Day so my husbands class got to pick their helicopters. Yes, we knew what he was going to get, Black Hawks. Since he is guard that is what they have at the unit so that's what he has to fly. Because of this fact my friend let me live vicariously through her and her husbands selection. He picked Apaches, she was happy he got what he wanted but she was not 100% thrilled.

The guys all then decided that they wanted to celebrate so later that evening we all headed down to Oscar's, a local bar, to celebrate and eat 25¢ wings.

After selection I had to take my car in. The transmission was slipping and with a road trip coming up for the holidays it needed to get fixed ASAP. Lucky for me it wasn't a huge overhaul and I got to get it back today for a little over $100.

Finally, the most exciting thing that happened here was that it snowed. Yes, IT SNOWED! It didn't really stick, but it still snowed in Southern, Alabama. My husband puppy, Annie, had no idea what to do with it and my dog just sat down in the back yard and enjoyed it. He is a husky.

Oh, I almost forgot. My husband found out he starts Black Hawks Dec. 16, the rest of his class starts Jan. 13. This means new people for us to get to know and him starting study again. I told him yesterday when I found out that he owed me one more night of freedom (last night) before the studying started again. So officially, I have lost my husband to he other love, flying, and studying for four more months.

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