Dec 15, 2010

News to Me

I know what I got into when I married my husband, I married the Army too. However, I did not think my love hate relationship would already be starting off so strong.

It started by me planning a wedding in a month, then my husband got sent to Oklahoma for training after three weeks of living with each other. Then, he moved to Ft. Rucker to do flight school, in which I moved down too after five more months of not living together in our first year of marriage. Then, we found out his guard unit was going to be deployed in September of 2011. With this news I started mentally preparing myself that after our second anniversary he would be going off to Iraq with the rest of his buddies and would be back from deployment in eight months.

Well, that little bit of news has now been changed...and not in the good way. We just found out that the deployment is being moved up to the start of June. My husband graduates flight school at the end of April, meaning we would have about two weeks to move and spend time with each other before he left. They also changed the eight months to a year.


I know, I should expect this from the Army and I knew full well what I was getting into, but that still does not make this news any easier. I have myself prepared for September, and now it's a whole new thing to calibrate myself with. Yes, I am living with him now but with flight school I hardly see him and when I do it's all about studying and shop talk. I was actually looking forward to a few months of non-flight school living and maybe even take a our honeymoon (which we never got to take in the first place).

Guess it's time to mentally adjust and to get ready to tell people over the holidays. I just remembered...we are going to have to tell his mother.


I just have to keep telling myself that God has a plan, and even though we keep getting thrown curveballs, it will all turn out for the better. Not to mention, make us stronger.

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