Dec 23, 2010

Desert Rain

So we made it to the desert and boy, did I miss it more than I thought I would.

The 26 hour car ride with the two dogs went well. There was only one little throw-up accident at about New Orleans, but other than that both dogs did AMAZING!

On our first full day the puppies got acclimated to all the nature. My husbands dog even learned that cactus are not friends. Talk about a high pitched yell. My dog, on the other hand, just sits around and watches the animals walk around the property.

As for the other two days spent here so far, we have just been relaxing. The hammock is my husbands favorite spot to study and take cat naps, while I take the porch swing and get to reading some books. We also had to help my parents decorate our Christmas tree since they were to busy to get it finished. Then we put all the gifts under the mom went a little present crazy this Christmas but we are not complaining.

The rest of our trip will consist of Christmas and Holiday parties, seeing my old friends, and spending more time resting and relaxing. And, now that our trip is getting a more busy, I will be more diligent in posting our adventures.

I almost forgot, it rained here yesterday. All those storms that hit California came our way and gave the desert a light dusting. It was so beautiful, not to mention the rain here is one of my favorite smells in the whole entire world. Everything just smells so clean and looks so green. However, those things are short lived and everything has a soft layer of desert dust on it again. Hopefully, we will get some more rain while we are here, but if not, at least I got a little bit to tied me over until we get back here again.

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  1. Oh I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a safe trip home!