Dec 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well, tomorrow officially starts Christmas Exodus at Ft. Rucker, which means my husband and I can finally have a much needed vacation.

We are going back to my home town of Tucson, AZ to celebrate the holidays. That's the tradition now, Christmas with my family and Thanksgiving with his. However, since we were not able to spend Thanksgiving with my husbands family we are taking three days at the end of the Arizona trip to spend it with them in Dallas. I am excited to see everyone, but more importantly I am happy to finally be going home. I have not been back since last Christmas.

As for the dogs, they are going with us, and no we are not flying, but driving. It should be a very entertaining road trip seeing how this is the first time my husbands puppy has been in a car more than an hour or two. Oh well, at least it will make for some fun stories.

Now back to finishing the laundry, packing me, the puppies, and my husband (who has class all day today), and not to mention making lunches for the road and trying to fit everything in the SUV.

It will all be worth it though because soon I will be home and in my favorite place, the desert.

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