Mar 25, 2011

Like a Wave, It Hits Me.

Work has been a little crazy, and I still need to fill you in on those details a little later, but because of this some parts of my "bigger reality" have not really set in.

As you know, my husband is finishing up flight school in Alabama, while I am up here in Texas. We have been counting down the days to his graduation (27) and the fact we get to live together again before he has to leave to get ready for his guard unit to deploy is very exciting.

However, when I was talking to my boss about my days off to pin his wings on and help him move, I told him, that it just stinks that I will only get to be with him until May 1...

...that's when it hit me...

...I will only get 9 days to spend with him before he has to RNL progress (for a month) and then go with his unit to deploy. I almost cried. Yes, I should be happy I get any days at all but I did not realize that I could count my days with him on both hands.

This also puts the count of living together to a total of a little over 5 months, and yes this includes those nine days, and that's what makes it so hard. We will have been married two years in September and we haven't even gotten to spend some alone time together, we did not even get a honeymoon because he had to leave for training a few days after we said "I Do."

Now back to that office moment.

My boss realized I finally processed what I said and did not know really what to do or how to act — totally understandable. He also said that the week my husband and I have together, he would try and help get me a day of two off (remember I just started my job and don't really have any days off available). I just thanked him and we moved on.

I knew being an Army wife would be tough, and hoped that being a Guard Army wife would be a little less emotional but I guess not. Oh well, I will do what I always do, take a deep breath, remember what he is doing for me and our country's freedom, remind myself that these few years are just a blip of our life together, and love him with all of my heart.

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