Mar 14, 2011

Spring Forward, No Thanks

I have decided I do not like this "Spring Forward" business.

Growing up in Arizona, we did not have daylight savings time at all, and even though I went to college in Kansas my roommates always changed the clocks without me realizing it because they knew I did not have a clue. Now, that they are no where to be seen and my husband isn't around to do it either, this was my first real year dealing with it.

I think it's mean. I have been so out of it today because my mind knows I was cheated out of an extra hour sleep. Yes, I will adjust but this week is going to be a rough one and to make it worse I have so much to do that needs concentration.

Oh well, guess I will go to bed a little early tonight and phase myself to the time change that way.

1 comment:

  1. Awww...I've grown up in PA my whole life, so I'm used to the time change, but its still no fun! Was just wishing the other day that PA would be like Arizona.