Apr 11, 2011

Oh Brother {in law}

With graduation about a week away, I have been speaking with my in-laws figuring out the details.

So far the planning is going well, they are getting a hotel instead of staying with us, we have a plan for the grad party at the lake, and even figured out family day and the simulators. However, there is one detail I am not so happy with.

My husband is the oldest of three boys, the youngest one (15) is coming to graduation, the middle one (20) is not. He said he couldn't get off of work and wants to spend time with his girlfriend. I can understand work, especially with the fact the graduation date changed a few times, but the girlfriend thing...that's my issue. There was another moment this kind of thing happened, over Christmas time, where his gf came down with him when we all visited their grandparents and he kind of blew the moments he had with his brother away to cater to her, and I promise I am not blowing that out of proportion.

Yes, I remember those moments with the boyfriend where I wanted to blow things off for them, but I always remembered that my family is blood and this situation is a little different. I also think his girlfriend is a very nice girl, but he was the best man in our wedding and he hardly gets anytime with his big brother.

My husband says it's not a big deal and it doesn't really matter but I am just worried, with his deployment coming up, I am afraid that they are going to drift even further apart. I guess I can't really do anything but be honest with both of them about how I feel if they ask.

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