Apr 29, 2011

Flight School Graduation

So I finally have time to fill you in on graduation that took place last week.

To start with I left around my lunch time from work, dealt with a horribly rude airport security guy, meet up with my parents at the gate, and got to Ft. Rucker around 7p.m. As soon as my parents and I got there we meet up with my husband his "littlest" brother and parents for dinner at my favorite pizza place Mellow Mushroom.

Next, to all of our surprise we found out that my husbands friend helped plan an evening in the Blackhawk simulator. It was so awesome!!! I helped him study and learn so much about the thing that it was great to give it a try myself. I was so shocked that I understood everything that he was telling me to do and I actually hovered and landed on a slope. Yes, I am now an official pilots wife nerd.

I was exhausted by the time I got back to the townhouse but realized quickly that there was still a lot of packing left to do there. It was all of that little stuff that you really don't want to pack, but rather throw into the car.

The next morning was the graduation, YAY! It was so cool seeing my husband with the rest of his class finally get their wings. They have gone through so much, it's just an amazing moment. It was also great to see his first IP (instructor pilot) and some of his other buddies come out for it too. I also got to pin the wings on, and lucky for everyone involved, I did not make him bleed.

We then, well just the me and him, went to a lunch that was for the wives/biggest supporter of the aviators. It was so sweet, we got our own "Gradu-MATE" certificate and our own set of wings. Mine was in the form of a necklace, while others got an actual little pin.

The graduation day ended with a big barbecue at the cabin my parents rented at the lake on Ft. Rucker. Great food, great friends, and a great way to end the day.

To wrap up the trip we finished packing the U-hal and headed to Montgomery so I could get on the earliest flight out so I could get back to work.

Once again, it was a whirlwind  of a trip but I am so very proud of my husband. Everything he went through at Ft. Rucker and with flight school, and for him finally getting his wings.


  1. Congrats to your hubby (and yourself for all of your support)! I know it is a HUGE accomplishment! My husband graduated in October and is now flying blackhawks for the MD National Guard. :)

  2. Well a belated congrats to you too! It is so nice that it's over but not looking forward to the next year when he deploys with the Kansas guard. It's nice to know there is another BlackHawk guard wife out there.