Apr 1, 2011

Takes a Toll

Last night I was invited to this wonderful dinner at a very nice steakhouse for work. When it was over I checked my phone and saw on one of my "flight school wives" friends called me three times. I knew then something was wrong. Many thoughts when through my mind, the majority of them being something must have happened to her fiance during training.

Well I was right about one thing, it did deal with her fiance, or should I say ex-fiance. That's right, he broke off their engagement and their wedding, which was supposed to this July.

I was at a loss for words. I wanted to be there for her, hug her, cry with her, just be there....

Turns out he "wanted to live the single flight school/military warrant officer guy life" so he could party with his buddies and not have to worry about or be stressed by her just being at home all day with nothing to do and then have to only do things with her when he got home. The kicker, he said that he still wants to merry her someday. Can you say stupid? I can. It is true that flight school and the military life can take a toll on relationships but I never thought something like this could happen so early on in someones carrier.

I also think about, once again, how strong we guard (and all military) wives have to be and what military couples have to go through. My husband and I have already been through much in less than two years of marriage, all due to the guard life, and realize that moments like flight school are nothing compared to what we have coming up, like his deployment.

So I guess this breakup my friend just went through could be a blessing in disguise. If this life already took a toll on them this much their chances aren't good for handling future military endeavors. She also did not have a very good support system either, which makes me feel blessed for the women (military and non-military) that I have in my life to help me deal with the daily grind of being and Army wife.

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