Apr 11, 2011

No words, but prayers

I follow a blog called the {mis}adventures of an army wife and I am shocked about what I have just read but am so happy, relieved, that things are "ok."

Jessica, the author of the blog wrote a her final goodbye. Her life as a military spouse, her dreams, just everything in her life hit rock bottom and the only way she thought things could get better was by taking her own life.

Luckily, like I mentioned earlier, she was found before anything could really happen thanks to the military spouse blogging community. People who read her sad, sad story and called the MPs where her, now, ex-husband is stationed and they found her. I do not know more details other than she was found alive, but that to me that is a victory within itself.

The fact no one who commented at the beginning knows her but was willing to help make sure she was still alive and do anything they could was amazing. It proves what a strong community we, as military spouses, are and that there is always someone there to listen and help/be there in any way.

Jessica my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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  1. That is incredible. And it's good to also know that there really are people who care out there even if it feels like there is nobody left. I am glad she is found and alive!