Apr 16, 2011

Brownies, Dresses, and Cleaning Up

This morning I woke up happy and a little stressed. Why? Because this time next week, my husband and his puppy will be here with me and my dog. So excited!

There is a lot to do to get the apartment ready as well as get me and Todd (my dog) packed for our trip back to Ft. Rucker. Not to mention, I am actually going to a get together with one of my new work friends and her husband tonight and I offered to make brownies since they are making dinner.

Right now the brownies are in the oven, and other than making those and going to the store this morning to make sure I had food for the beginning of the week and when I get back from Alabama, nothing is done.

Well, that's not totally true, I did make a list, ha.

This afternoon before I leave for dinner I am rummaging through my closet to figure out what to wear to the graduation ceremony. I have a feeling I am going to pack a few options and not make up my mind until the morning of. I also having a feeling I am going to have to buy new shoes (darn) to go with what ever options I have. A lot of my heals are warn out and I want to make sure I looked polished next to my new pilot of a husband. As soon as I figure it out I will post a picture of my final look.

Not only do I have to pack my stuff, I have to get Todd ready too. One of my buddies from Dallas offered, with out me even having to ask or say anything, to watch him for the few days. Yes, he is small enough to ride in the plane with me, it's such a quick trip it wouldn't really be worth it.

Finally, I am going to clean the entire apartment as well as rearrange things so when my husband gets here we can easily just put everything in it's place instead of having a huge pile in the living room we would just have to move later.

Well, looks like the brownies are done, now off to my closet. Happy Saturday!

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