Sep 28, 2011

Fall TV

Now that "fall" is here, new TV shows, as well as some old favorites are back.

With my husband gone, it is a little weird watching some of our favorite shows alone, however, I will get over it quickly. 

Here are some of the shows I am checking out this season:
  • The Office. A classic show, and even though Michael Scott {Steve Carell} is gone, I am going to give this season a chance.
  • Gossip Girl. Yeah, yeah, yeah, roll your eyes all you want. It is my "dirty pleasure" show. I read the books and have watched it since the first episode came out when I was in college. I have been told I have the personality of Serna and am a fashion mix of both Blair and S, which I take as a complement.
  • Psych. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend you do. It is very witty and the characters are all very dynamic.
  • Dexter. This ones a little dark, it's about a serial killer. However, the story is amazing and the acting supurb. This show actually has my favorite season of a show ever {season 4}...never saw it coming and even by me saying that there is a twist, you would never guess it.
  • Parent hood. When I first saw the show it was at a friends house and I never expected to get hooked. It's about a family of four {grown up} siblings and their family dramas. From the adult cast to the younger actors, it is just a good steady show that you just want the best for everyone.
  • How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. Just two great comedies! You can just sit back, enjoy the shows. Not to mention some of the characters remind me of some of my friends, which makes it even better.
I am sure there are more shows I will check out, like the Playboy Club, Pan Am, the New Girl or any of the other new shows that come out in the next month, but who knows if any will stick. As for my husband missing some of his favorites, I am being a good wife and DVRing the seasons.

Now, time to get back to my scheduled programing.


  1. The New Girl is funny, although the acting is horrible. Zooey Deschanel does not play her character well. I really want to check out Pan Am.

    The shows I'm hooked on: Top Gear UK (yeah, it's about cars, but it's freaking hilarious), Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, NCIS, and Bones (sadly, doesn't re-start until November because Emily Deschanel is on maternity leave).

  2. Finally checked out Pan Am...not sure what I think yet. It was a little slow for me and I didn't really connect with any of the characters the way a viewer usually does. Going to give it another chance since it's new.

    Love Zooey Deschanel! Will have to check it out, if anything it will just be a good entertainment show.