Sep 17, 2011

Power of Friendship

I got a phone call a few days ago from one of my college buddies, who after graduation, got a job in New York City. Turned out she was coming into Dallas for work function, had some free time, and wanted to get together. I was thrilled!

She was that friend who whenever you would go out with her you had a blast and could get into a little trouble with. Not only that, she has this great spirit about her and is one smart cookie.

Anyway, we had a long lunch today and it was exactly what I needed.

Someone who has known me since my freshman year in college, before my husband and I ever met. That was with me through some hard times and extremely happy moments. Someone who can read me, and is not afraid to call me out when they know something is up. Someone who will be completely honest with me, and never judge.

I bring this up because she asked me how I was really doing with everything going on in my life. From the move to the new job, from making friends to my Army life. To avoid her "calling me out" I told her that I am struggling a little bit with all of those things.

Work is now at it's slowest point since the sports season is ending so it is making me realize that my nights are lonely and I don't have my husband to talk to. Then that lead to my friends. Yes, I have made a few really good ones, but because my job was so demanding for six months I did not really have time to go explore, join groups, or branch out to make new friends. While I can now, I explained that it's hard and I am still trying to find a support system here and people like her and our other friends where it was just an "easy" friendship where things just clicked.

I also told her that I am starting to think about things that might happen throughout this year of deployment. I am nervous that my husband and I will be at two different places when he gets back {I know there will be a transition, but I am talking about as a whole in the long run}. That I will have had a year without him and that I will have had so many experiences and grow so much that he might not like what I was without him and nervous that him coming back into my life I have made here will be to difficult on him.

This is why I love her {along with my other close friends}, she talked me through it. She let me vent it all out and asked me tough questions that needed to be asked. She made me feel ok again, and reminded me that everything happens for a reason and God would not put us through all we have already been thorough to make things like finding friends/a support system, and my husband coming back harder than it needed to be.

I feel so refreshed now and like I can make it through. A friend like her was exactly what I needed right now.

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