Aug 1, 2011

Car Cookies

We got into an interesting conversation this morning at work in regards to weather. Being an Arizona girl all the guys on my side of the office wanted to know if I have ever cooked an egg on a sidewalk/pavement. The answer, yes, yes I have, and believe or not it works, fast.

This lead to a bunch of questions about what other things I tried while growing up. I named a few things off and randomly said, "never tried baking cookies though." Oh me and my big mouth.

All of a sudden they guys took out their phones and started looking up how hot it was supposed to be today, the answer 109. Then one of them decided, on his lunch break to go home quick, grab a cookie sheet, go buy a roll of cookie dough and try making cookies by the time we left this afternoon. The key to this, they had to be edible.

At 4:40 p.m. he walks in with a plate full of cookies and, since I was the one that brought it up, got to try one first.

Guess what?


It was an awesome experiment, and since they turned out so well they are already throwing out other ideas...oh boy.

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