Aug 22, 2011

Summer to Fall

Tomorrow I head back to work after a full weeks rest/recovery. I am doing much better, although I still have some pain and discomfort. Part of that is due to the fact my mother is home and I have had to take care of the puppies on my own so I am moving around a lot more.

Part of this movement included doing laundry and in the process it got me to thinking about my wardrobe.

Though Texas doesn't really follow the "traditional seasons" August and the other summer months are almost over so I need to start thinking about fall. Time for a change in clothing color and time to bring out the boots. This has also got me thinking I should go through my entire closet.

A lot of my clothing is stuff I still had when I was in college and is very on the worn out, plus I have lost some weight so a lot of things don't fit right. I will, of course, donate all the clothing and shoes I can and the rest maybe use as rags or make some homemade puppy toys.

After I go through things, this means I have to fill some wardrobe holes. Yay shopping!

I wont go totally crazy, already have a plan. For every three shirts I give away/get rid of, I can get a new one. For every two pants/skirts/shorts/bottom halves, I can get something new. As for dresses every three, I can get a new one. Shoes are trickier. I just need to make sure I replace the ones that I get rid of that are really worn out. An example of this, my black heals that I have had since my freshman year of college are totally done so I will get a new pair of black heals.

I am also going to focus my shopping on the Texas fall season. Yes, things like shorts and skirts will be on sale since the stores are trying to make room for the new merchandise, but it would be a waste of money because they don't fit into the autumn.

Hopefully I can get this done next weekend when I am back to my full self and have some new outfits for work and who knows, I might have to go get my hair cut to help finish the look.

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