Aug 6, 2011

Key Caller

About three days ago I received a phone call from my husbands units FRG leader. She said she heard I was willing to help and asked if I would be a key caller on the phone tree. I said I would, I mean I was looking for a way to stay in the loop and be there for the other women go through the deployment, and this was it.

I had a conference call with her and the other key callers, and lets just say I found it entertaining in many ways. The biggest is the fact these other women are excited to get volunteer hours, enough to win a service award from the Army. They talked about how to get it for about 10 minutes.

For me that's not what I signed up for.

I don't care if I am on the phone for 500 hrs. in a month, as long as I am there when people need me and I can get the correct information out, that's all that matters. I also learned that a lot of the ladies in the unit are alreay tiered of my units FRG and what they stand for. Yes, I expected there to be some hostility from the stories I heard about from the last deployment, but now it sounds like they are trying to give support to ladies that need it in different ways other than constant.

Finally, since I am "officially" apart of the FRG many of the women have started asking me to be friends on Facebook. I have excepted but think I am going to have to change some settings. After two days of their status' it's getting tiering for me too.

Oh well, I figured there would be these type of things but really I just wanted to feel connected and be there for people when I could. Phone tree calling starts within the next week so I will let you know how it goes.

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