Aug 14, 2011

Busy Busy

This last week has flown by because it has been jammed pack with work and getting ready for my surgery. Not to mention, my parents {on the way to their vacation} called me up and asked to go out to dinner because they had a very long lay over.

I have a few more things to finish up at work so I am going to head in this afternoon, then I have a half day Monday, then off to pick up my mom from the airpot and get ready for surgery.

She is going to stay with me for my "week of rest" to help me take care of the puppies and make sure I can get back on my feet. One thing I am excited about with all of this, is that I will be able to relax a little bit. I can catch up on my blogging, watch some TV shows that have been DVRed for way to long, and get some nice home cooked meals.

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