Nov 22, 2011

Call me crazy...

...but I am officially running a half marathon at the end of March!

My friend and I were talking last night about how we needed to get to running again and, while both of us have done numerous 5Ks, we both have "run a half marathon" on our list of things to do in life. So, we looked up a get in shape and run a marathon or half marathon class and found one that starts Dec. 11.

I'm a little worried because I am out of shape. Right now I can run an eleven/twelve minute mile and, right now, I can do about 3 miles without passing out.  This training camp will have us running 15 miles a week before the half marathon.

Although it's a little daunting, I am very excited to do it. This will also help keep me busy and my mind focused on something other than deployment. Not to mention I will meet some more new people and maybe get some good friends out of it.

So here we go, starting tomorrow I am going to run 3 miles every other day just to get my body prepped for our first day Dec. 11.

Happy running!

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