Jul 9, 2011

The Results

So I had my tests and doctors appointment and the verdict is in. I have to get surgery.....again.

At 25, this will be the third time I go in to get a endometrial polyp removed from my left ovary. Usually, these polyps show up in older women and when I got my first one {I was just 22} my doctor was shocked. It takes a toll on my body in ways I couldn't imagine.

It makes me incredibly tiered, to the point where if I sleep 12 hours I still feel like I did not get any sleep. You can also tell how tiered I am on my face, doesn't matter how much make-up I wear, just exhausted. I am also in constant pain on my left side. So much so that I will randomly tear up and want to curl up in the fetal position, cramps have nothing on this, trust me. Another big one {that no one notices but me} is the change in my cycle. I go from normal once a month for about a week, to two or three times, sometimes lasting 13 days. There are more things going on, but those are the big ones. My doctor says these are "normal" things but I hate them all the same.

The worse part about this is even the guys I work with have noticed these changes, and that's saying something.

Now back to the surgery part of things. Like I said earlier, I have had this same surgery before, but my doctor and I are getting to the point where, if it shows up again, we will have to take more drastic measures. It scares me. Plus with my husband being in the start of deployment, if my polyp does come back I don't even want to deal with those options.

They include partial or full hysterectomy, and more drastic measures. At some point my husband and I want to start having children and I don't want to imagine us not being able to have our own. Sigh. I am jumping a head yes, but as a woman even the maybe of it means a whole lot.

As for my husband in all of this. I was able to let him know the verdict, but of course he will not be here. This is weird because he was with me when I had my last two, the first one we were not even engaged yet. I know he will be there in spirit, and my mom is already planning her trip/care giver visit, but it's still going to a little awkward with out him there.

Guess I will get used to not having him there/a phone call away soon enough.

Well, the puppies are looking at me impatiently, so I guess I should take them for our morning run. I will keep you posted on this matter as time gets closer.

Enjoy your weekend!

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