Nov 27, 2010

News (to me)

Now that I am married to an Army Officer I have now been watching the news a lot more lately.

First off, as a journalism minor, I am sad to say that I am saddened by the state of the news. In one hour they talk about celebrities for about 15-20 min. of it. Not to mention they have some "news" programs entirely dedicated to talk about what's going on in the celebrity. CNN and FOX News are not E. I miss the days of "real news" where reporters were not just pretty faces but actually went out and found interesting stories.

Next, with all this stuff with North Korea happening it makes me nervous, not only for South Korea and the state of the world, but for my solider. He is due for his first deployment a few months after flight school graduation and right now his unit is slotted for Iraq...if things keep up it might be Korea or somewhere that deals with this new "crisis." I just want him to be as safe as possible and get back to me in one piece.

Finally, the fact that I am watching the news, oh yeah, and reading news sites like BBC every day, means I have officially entered adult hood. Before I would watch the news because I needed a current event for history class, but now I want to know what's going on in the world.

So I guess, while news-worthyness has lost a lot of meaning I like feeling connected and I guess the jitters I get when war-type things go on at least it won't be a surprise if my husband and/or his friends get sent that way.

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