Nov 7, 2010

Peanuts, Studying, and Football

I love lazy weekends that include football and friends, not to mention a ton of studying.

This weekend my husband and a couple friend of ours decided to check out the National Peanut Festival that takes place in Dothan, Al, a nice little drive from Ft. Rucker. It was pretty entertaining and more like a "normal" carnival that included a lot of nuts and nut themed things. Although we did not ride any rides we did partake in eating some yummy food including an elephant ear (tasted like a curio) and of course nuts. We also loved people watching. From carnies to local residents to distant travelers, we saw it all.

To finish the weekend my husband has to study and work on flight plans for BWS, and myself, I'm just watching some NFL games and am relaxing. I know it's not the ideal family time, but I'll take it.

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