Nov 10, 2010

Lifestyle Check Up

About two weeks ago I posted about me, and my husband, starting a new and healthier lifestyle. We decided to start on Nov. 1 because it was a Mon. and the start of a new month. Now we are a little over a week into our "new life" and we are doing great! My husband even said he wanted to lose 10 pounds by the end of the month. I know I said I did not want to make part of this change a weight loss goal but he has a PT test coming up and pulled out the scale so I agreed to it and told him I was not going to set a goal, but rather see how it goes.

So far we have each lost 4 pounds and that was just with changing our diets and keeping a steady workout routine. Here are some other perks I am starting to see:

  • I have only had one soda and NO ice cream (yes I'm shocked). The perk, my complexion loves me.
  • Yoga is pretty awesome and I like it even more than I thought I would. My husband has even joined me in a few sessions.
  • This is the part I am not to happy with, my creative spark just hasn't sparked yet. I think I might just need to grab my camera and go on an adventure around town and just shoot. Not to mention, I have just not been excited about a few graphic design projects, luckily they are for people I know and not something that needs to be done right this second, but still it's my passion so I have to kick it into gear.
  • My dog is loving our alone time and my husband puppy is now leash trained! I love these two "mangy" mutts.
  • Now that we are doing five small meals I have gotten creative with my cooking and have found some great new recipes. I am excited to get my cook on more and so is my husband.
  • While I parts of my life are organized I am slowly working on others, but hey it's a start.
  • Finally, I have noticed that I am sleeping better, getting back to reading some new books, turning off the TV more and turning to music, and have just felt emotionally and physically happier.
All in all this has been a great first week and a half. Now off to the kitchen to start preparing my next dinner creation.

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