Jan 2, 2011

Road Warriors and a New Year

Well, after a few fun-filled very busy days with my husbands side of the family it was time to get back on the road for the last 13 hours in the car. We made it back right before midnight last night and were thrilled to be back in our own bed, not so much to be back in Alabama. The puppies were thrilled to be out of the car and back in their own beds too.

As for New Years, we rang in 2011 hanging out with my in-laws...not the most thrilling New Year I have ever had. Hopefully, everyone else has better stories than I do.

Now for the real matter at hand...New Years resolutions. Yes, I know that many people never end up completing them, sometimes forget about them completely, make up ones that are to corny/traditional/funny/(insert your own word here), and others, like myself, never make them in the first place for all the reasons listed above. However, I have decided to take a closer look at these so called resolutions and how people go about setting them thanks to Alexandra Stoddard and one of her books I am reading.

To start with she suggested having your significant other write them for you and visa versa. I think that is a brilliant idea. I mean who knows you better than your best friend. My husband is taking the challenge head on and so am I. Now, YOU CAN'T BE TO HARSH when you write them for each other. The purpose of this is so that you, yourself, can make yourself a better well rounded person in this new year. Sorry, I forgot to mention that right away but that is the purpose of it. It is also set to help you make realistic goals both personally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Here are a few examples to show you what I am talking about (I am taking them from Stoddard's book):

Her resolutions for him:

  1. Keep up with personal correspondence, as Abraham Lincoln so wisely recommended
  2. Balance your checkbook-every check
  3. Drink more water
  4. Plan some great adventures and follow through with them
  5. Go to bed earlier, get up earlier
  6. Learn how to let go of past attachments
  7. Recognize that self-improvement us an ongoing process that goes on every day of your life
His resolutions for her:
  1. Take more time for yourself, at least 20 min. a day, to do whatever is pleasant for you at the moment
  2. Go through all your clothes, shoes, and equipment and eliminate as much as you can: Others will benefit when you give things to family and donate to a thrift shop
  3. Develop an exercise plan for the seasons of the year, giving yourself sufficient exercise that is healthy, appropriate, and enjoyable
  4. Take better care of yourself day to day: Avoid the nurse syndrome where you only take care of others; now focus this skill on yourself
  5. Deal more effectively with the daily influx of mail and information in order to handle the flow: Keep up!
  6. Continue to always have flowers no matter what the circumstances, because I believe that is what makes you the happiest
  7. Shoulders back: Stand up straight
Those are just a few examples that they gave but I wanted you all to see that there are more to resolutions then the simple and traditional, "I want to lose 10 pounds this year."

We are ready to work on all three components of our lives. We are also going to carry our resolutions we wrote for each other so we have a constant reminder of what we are working on, as well as what the other person is working on. It's always better when you have a support system to push and support you.

We are also going to continue the "Healthy Lifestyle" goals we set for ourselves a while back and my husband's "traditional" resolution is to pass flight school. I guess I will let that slide.

To everyone Happy 2011! I hope it bring great happiness and joy to all. 

p.s. I promise to post some holiday pictures, and accompany them by stories, within the next couple of days.

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