Jan 5, 2011

Lucky or Blessed?

Finally, I have gone through and edited all the photos taken from our much needed Christmas vacation. To start with here are some road warrior stories.

I don't know if my husband and I just lucked out, or we were blessed with amazing traveling dogs. During the 26 hour drive we only had one little mishap, the youngest but biggest, Annie, got sick. However, there were no other accidents and the dogs slept the majority of the time.

As for the driving, we stopped to check out New Orleans and decided we don't need to go back there again. We saw the Superdome, Bourbon St., and the local street market, but while these were cool and eclectic things to see the smell of the city, along with all the trash made it a one time visit.

That same night, we stopped in a small town in Texas to get some quick z's since we did 16 hours in the car that day. We were also lucky enough to see some of my husbands cousins for a late dinner.

Our trip finished up with more gas stops and finally getting to my home in the desert (the last time I was there was a year ago). The puppies were happy to be out of the car and ran around chasing lizards, birds, bunny rabbits, and other little desert creatures. As for my self and husband, we were just happy knowing we got to sleep in the next day.

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