Jan 9, 2011

"The Other Woman"

It's official, I have lost my husband to another woman...or should I say helicopter.

Now that we are back from a fabulous, much needed, vacation (more photos and stories to come soon) flight school is back to full swing. Yes, he started Hawks right before we left on Dec. 16 but that was just the "intro" stuff. This last week he started the actual stuff and was lucky enough to have his first test moved to back a few days, which gave him a few more nights to cram. As for what he is studying, everything Blackhawk related, most importantly 5's and 9's.

The instructor told them right before the break that this test, and the other tests he will have, which is a week to two weeks worth of flight school materials, is the equivalent to three semesters worth of college. ONE SEMESTER WORTH OF COLLEGE!

Because of this fact, the fact that flight line is from sunup to sundown, and the fact that he has to fly some Saturday's and maybe even some Sunday's I have lost him for good so his "dream girl."

I know it's not funny to joke like that but if you were here with me you would be thinking the same thing, it's just part of being a flight school wife. The studying is worse than primary was and I am saddened by the fact we will lose some weekends too. Oh well, at least I have the puppies to keep me entertained and I can start counting down to April when he graduates.  

I can feel people giving me a look.

Yes, I am lucky because I am finally able to be in the same room as my husband unlike the months we spent apart not seeing each other, other than Skype. But what you all might not understand is other than a quick (15-30 min.) dinner that's all the time I get with him to talk about the day, and even then it's all about tests and what to study next. I also feel like I am a burden to him because while he is trying to focus, especially on the weekends, I am wanting a little attention and wanting to get out of the house.

Once again, I am lucky I get to be here with him and watch while he follows his dreams, but like I said earlier — I am now "the other woman" until April.

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