Jan 27, 2011

Clean Bill & The Roommates

Well, I got the tube out of my ear and another quick check-up from the doctor and she said, that she is giving me a clean bill of heath as long as I promise to finish out my meds. I told her that would not be a problem at all. So, will just a little pain left in my right ear and the tiniest hint of a runny nose I should be 100% by Monday. This will also make the puppies very happy because I can finally start running again, meaning they can burn some of that energy off.

As for the other topic of discussion, the roommates. I know I have not mentioned it before, but when my husband moved down to Ft. Rucker he was roommates with a guy from his unit who owned a townhouse, which was nice and helped us financially. Then, right before that roommate "finished" school, they got another guy to move into the house. Fine by me, at least that's what I thought.

Then my plans changed and I moved down at the beginning of summer so it was the three of us plus my dog. To add to the madness, his wife and two children came down for the summer. She is a teacher and their children were young so it was the best thing for them to do so they could spend time together.

Finally, they left and it was the three of us again...until, we got word from my husbands unit that there was another guy coming down and was looking for a place to live. Guess what, he moved in too.

While I was not bothered at first due to the financial situation, splitting everything four ways, it is now taking a toll on me. In my little over a year marriage I have only lived with my husband, just me and him, for about two months. Now, I am to the point where I see the light at the end of the tunnel (graduation in April) and am ready for it to be just our little family.

Yes, I can stick it out for the next few months but I have seen this living situation take a little toll on our married life. The only time we can really talk is right before we go to bed, but that's hard because he goes to sleep two to three hours before I do.


Oh well, it's only a little over three months, it helps us save money, and our roommates (one more than the other) are really nice, chill guys. I also need to remember that this roommate situation is just a small blip on the radar of my husband and my life together.

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