Jan 16, 2011

Date Day

I am so happy that this weekend is a long weekend. Why you might ask? It means I got to go on a date with my husband yesterday because he could afford to take one of the three days off from studying.

We did not do anything to exciting but rather simple and perfectly us.

To start with I did not tell him what we were doing at all, well, other than having to go to the store to stock up on food on our way back home. Once we got in the car, we headed to Dothan, the bigger town about 30 min away from Enterprise, and for the first stop we went to Adventure Land. Here, they have mini golf, bumper boats, go carts, and more importantly batting cages.

That was the main thing we went there for, to hit some balls. My husband, being the baseball player he once was, was way excited and of course he did great. As for me, it took me one round to get back into the "swing of things," but I did pretty good once I got my groove.

After we each had some rounds it was time for my husband to choose where we went for lunch. We went to Chili's, I know it doesn't sound impressive but around here it was nice to go somewhere like Chili's. We stuffed our faces and then it was time to run some errands. To his surprise, and thanks to gift cards, we were able to get some new games for our Wii, Mario Cart Racing and Wii Fit. We have already used the Wii steering wheels and will set up the Wii Fit later today after the Bears beat the Seahawks.

As you can tell, we had a nice, relaxing day to ourselves, I even told him no flight school talk until we get home and guess what? I got my wish. Now it's back to the normal routine for me, and back to hitting the books for my husband.

I almost forgot, I got a surprise as well yesterday. I was given a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers.

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