Feb 18, 2012


Right now, I am laying on my couch, one puppy laying next to me, the other curled up sleeping on the floor. I have a Project Runway marathon on in the back ground, while the rain is pouring outside. Doing nothing like this is wonderful.

As for what I did earlier today and my plan for tomorrow, a lot more of nothing. I have been so busy the last two months with traveling, helping my friends plan their two weddings while attending two bridal showers/parties in two different cities, that this "I'm not moving" mind set is wonderful. I do have to run tomorrow, since my marathon is a month and a half away, but I don't want to think about that right now.

My husband also sent me an email with a list of things he would like to go over some time soon since we are on the down hill of the deployment. Once again, I am pushing that off until a later date. Well, I think I am going to go get some ice cream and see who wins this fashion challenge.

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