Feb 29, 2012

Leap Day

I learned today why we actually have a Feb. 29 every four years, to make us {the Earth} catch up with the rest of the universe. Yep, true story.

Once my officemate and I looked up that information, we then started thinking back to four years ago and where we were in our lives. That would have been 2008 and I would have been ending my junior in of college. Not to mention, my husband was just my friend and I had no idea what I was going to do, other than party in my senior year.

Flash forward four years to now...in that time I got a dog, graduate, got married, made it through flight school, moved three times, landed my dream job, and did I mention started living through my first ever deployment as an Army wife. Wow, let me catch my breath.

After we had our flash back I then shot to this massive question in my head, what will I be flashing back to in the next four years?

Most likely and hopefully we will own our own home, I will have gotten a promotion or even moved on to a whole new job, my husband might be getting ready for another deployment, and {an even scarier thought for me right now} start our family.


You know what, I am really ok with all of those things if and when they happen. So I guess I am raising my glass and taking my LEAP.

See you in four years Feb. 29!

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