Feb 9, 2011

Getting Crafty

As a graphic designer and photographer I feel that I have a very strong, and good, creative side. I guess my friends down here think so too because I have been asked to help in a little scrapbooking project. The catch to this, I have only ever scrapbooked one other time in my entire life.

So far, so good though because once we started I realized it's just like designing magazine pages, only more color and extra flair. I also realized that I like it! It lets me do something creative, while remembering fun moments I had with my husband, friends, and family. It also gives me something to do throughout my day, while my husband is on the flight line.

My friend and I should finish her scrapbook gift, for her and her husbands first wedding anniversary, by this afternoon or tomorrow. That means that this weekend I am going to go through my photos from my husband and my trip to Europe and start making my own scrapbook next week.

Hopefully, I can make something that looks good and not to girly so my husband can appreciate it too. I will keep you posted and hopefully show off some of my pages. I would also suggest trying it yourself, it can be relaxing and, as I am figuring out, some good me time.

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