Jun 11, 2012

I'm Here

Hello my fellow military wives. I know I have been a little, ok A LOT, mia. I don't even have a good reason, I just kind of ran away from everything for a while.

I hid in work and have tried to hid from my thoughts in the shuffle and bustle of life.

It is not a good thing to do I know, especially since I am on the downward slope of my first deployment. My husband, when I talked to him the other day, even told me that he doesn't know what's going on with me, my voice was/is off and he is worried about what that might mean.

Honestly, I was too for a little bit. I just became numb and super lonely.

No worries, I did not do anything stupid or even think that way! But I think everything with the deployment and the fact that for over 2 years I have hardly got to spend time with my husband is kicking my butt and making a huge crack in our relationship and in life.

I am also starting to get super nervous with the fact the deployment is almost over and life will finally have a chance to get to a "normal."

Jokingly {kind of}, I asked my friend the other day at lunch, "What if I don't like him anymore or our lifestyles actually don't match?" Again, I know this is silly but I also feel like it's a normal thought process for an Army wife right at the start and middle of deployment one.

My head is still reeling, as you can tell, but I am trying to get back to a more normal state of life and functionality. Blogging and connecting to this community is one way I am doing it. I am also starting to hang out with my friends again, as well as working out.

I hope all of you are doing well and I am happy to be back again!

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