Apr 15, 2012

Finding a Balance

I feel like I have just been living in a blur ever since Easter weekend, and yes I know it has only been a week.

Work is now in its busy season. I am actually at work more than I am at home, and when I do get home it's take the puppies to the dog park for a little outside play time, then I go right to bed. I also had to remind my friends and family that if I don't return phone calls, am slow to text back or don't want to go out on the weekends like I normally do to not take offense.

They just laugh at me, but I have to remind them because this haze that I am living in is only going to get worse as this busy work time continues.

I also had to end a phone call with my husband after 2 min the other day. I sent him an email later apologizing...How horrible is that? I only have so many moments where I can talk/skype with him on this deployment and I have a conversation with him that goes, "Hi, I can't really talk now, but I love you and will talk to you later."


It was that moment that I realized if I don't find a balance now it is going to snowball and wear me out.

How I am going to do this, not to sure yet. But one thing I do know is I don't want to have a phone call with my husband like that again.

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