Jan 10, 2012


This last weekend I was lucky enough to get tickets to see my alma mater play in the Cotton Bowl. That's right, a major college football bowl game took place in my backyard at Cowboy's Stadium!

Eight of my close girl friends came into town to join me for a MAJOR football girls weekend.

We started off by tailgating when the parking lots opened at noon. Throughout the hours of pre-game madness, we saw so many people we knew, got to hang out with our schools mascot, and enjoyed the pre-game pep-rally.

Once inside we were blown away by are seats and the stadium itself. It was actually the first time I have even been inside an NFL stadium and since it is only two years old it still has that "new stadium" smell/look. As for our seats, we were in the lowest level possible 12 rows up. YAY!

It was an amazing experience even though my team didn't win. We all cheered our faces off, leaving me with no voice Saturday morning, and many of my friends voices leaving as well. The rest of the weekend was full of taking them around Dallas. Man, it was such a fun, much needed, weekend.

I almost forgot, my husband called me durning the game. Him, and a few of his buddies were able to stream the game and watch it with me. While it stinks he wasn't with me at the game, it was cool that he was watching with me somewhere.

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